With the technology industry growing, there are three ways to take advantage of business opportunities in Fresno:

  1. Move your tech business to Fresno
  2.  Start a tech business in Fresno
  3.  Invest in a Fresno-based tech business

The cost advantages to starting or investing in a Fresno tech business, compared to other markets, cannot be overstated. And, you have access to an increasingly growing pool of tech talent, putting you on the ground floor of something new, fresh, and exciting. If there’s one thing Bitwise Industries excels at, it’s matching rising stars with the right company.

Why didn’t what happened in the Silicon Valley, Austin, and Portland happen in Fresno? The founders of Bitwise Industries started asking that question in 2012 and concluded that Fresno’s tech scene was falling short in three key areas: place, education, and execution. However, Fresno has both the people and potential to become a global tech hub. Bitwise was born.

We’re just getting started, but here are some numbers we’re proud of:


People educated at Geekwise Academy


Technology companies at Bitwise Mural District and Bitwise South Stadium


High score on Terminator II pinball machine


New startups launched out of Bitwise Industries


Developers currently working at Shift3


Projected aggregate revenue for companies Bitwise SS

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