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The Beat Down – Slam Poetry

The Beat Down is a once a month event (every third Friday) that asks the question “Can u move the crowd?” featuring ten poets, and five randomly picked judges, in two rounds of eliminate or be eliminated action where one winner walks away with a cash prize every month! Your hosts S. Bryan Medina & the poet Scurvy bring you all the action from inside the Galleria Hall along with music by DJ Smack Jilly setting the mood to get things going.
$5 Competitors (for prize money) – $5 admission to watch

ATTENTION: Just a friendly reminder~ for simple questions on “if you made the list”, “what day is it on”, and the “general rules/how we run the show” …Please make sure you read through ALL of the “Details” on this page. Most questions can be answered by reading “ * ” this first.

*The Beat Down is a SLAM poetry event (NOT an Open Mic) where the winner after two rounds gets a cash prize. The charge is a $5 dollar admission to watch and $5 to compete against 9 other poets. The five buck entry fee goes toward the prize for the winner and the other five bucks to watch helps my co-host and I cover our overhead and to keep it going.

After the first round, only the top scoring 5 of the 10 will move on to the second round. So be prepared to bring only your best works that will rock a crowd!

That means, have on you at least 3 pieces ready to roll. Two to perform, and one just in case of a tie (where we will then have an extra round to see who gets the best score). Ties do sometimes happen, so make sure you have something…

IF YOU PLAN ON SLAMING, please TELL US ON OUR EVENT PAGE (not in the comments of the notice) so we may put your name on the list. Thanks, and see you at the slam!

**THE RULES: All poets will be judged by 5 randomly picked judges that BEAT DOWN hosts choose from the crowd that night. Judges use a 0-10 point system to score the poets. The poets themselves have a 3 minute time limit to read their work, anything over that limit and they will receive a one point deduction for every 10 seconds they go over.

To combat judges posting high scores to friends who may be on stage, and to make it fair, the hosts DROP THE HIGH AND THE LOW AND KEEP THE MIDDLE THREE for the total in each round. (60 points possible for two rounds).

Poets are NOT ALLOWED to BRING PROPS, WEAR COSTUMES, or HAVE ANYONE WITH THEM ON STAGE. ALL SLAMMERS MUST PERFORM their own ORIGINAL WORK by either reading it from PAPER, MEMORIZING IT, OR GOING FREE STYLE to see who can move the crowd with their words and performance.


***The slam “Sign Up List” is put up during the FIRST WEEK OF EVERY MONTH before our show on the 3rd Friday and is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS. So be on the lookout for it and sign up early due to the influx of readers wanting to participate. Once all slots are filled, we will no longer add any names to the list after that.

****As per our bylaws, for SPECIAL EVENT SHOWS that the Inner Ear produces, WE SELECT ONLY POETS WHO HAVE COME OUT TO OUR MONTHLY EVENTS CONSISTENTLY THROUGHOUT THE MONTHS AND YEAR/SEASON(S) that have shown growth in their original work and craft.

*****For poets who would like to FEATURE in one of our events, POTENTIAL GUESTS MUST HAVE PROVEN DOCUMENTATION OF PAST STAGE AND WRITING EXPERIENCE (Appearances in other known slam shows, poetry readings, published work in anthologies and or chapt books by accredited presses). If you would like to be a part of one of our programs, we invite you to please leave us a personal message in our in box either on our Inner Ear OR Inner Ear presents: The Beat Down Competitive Poetry Slam Facebook pages.

Think you’ve got what it takes to reach the top and take the prize? If you would like to join in on this month’s show, please leave us a message HERE in the comments on this page and we will make it happen until we get our number of participants.

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