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Irma Olguin Jr | Co-Founder & CTO


Irma Olguin Jr. founded Bitwise Industries in 2013, after she convinced Jake to quit his law practice. She wanted to build a Googleplex in Fresno so that people would start believing new and different things about themselves and their city. Irma’s goal is for Bitwise to be to Fresno what Wayne Enterprises is to Gotham City.
Irma’s past experience includes teaching interactive game design at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART) in Clovis, California. Irma holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Toledo. In addition to founding Bitwise Industries and Geekwise Academy, Irma is the founder of Edit LLC, 59DaysOfCode, and Overfundit, among others.
Not only has Irma built multiple technology companies from the ground up, she has spent her career fostering the growth of the technology industry in the San Joaquin Valley. Simply put, she’s the real tech deal.


Jake Soberal | Co-Founder & CEO


Jake A. Soberal founded Bitwise Industries in 2013. The mission of Bitwise is to empower geeks to build careers, technology, and companies in Fresno, California. Jake and Bitwise believe that achieving this mission sets into motion macro-economic progress for the Fresno region.
Prior to co-founding Bitwise, Jake was an intellectual property attorney at Walter & Wilhelm Law Group. Jake is a graduate of Clovis High School, rowed for the Varsity Men’s Rowing Team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is a nationally recognized speaker, is an avid runner and skier, prefers blue to red under all circumstances, and lives in Fresno on purpose.
Jake is actively involved in a variety of community initiatives, mostly focused on economic development in the Fresno region.

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