Champion of Geeks,
Geekwise Academy
"Geekwise Academy allows our students to determine their own definition of success, then we get to work supporting them in achieving it."
In the essential role of champion of geeks for Geekwise Academy, Terry Solis is the direct channel to internships, job opportunities, and the program’s invaluable community. A former Geekwise student, she is the perfect connection between the tech industry and education. Prior to serving as the “Oprah of Technology” for Geekwise Academy, Terry worked as a developer for Edit LLC and Shift3 Technologies. She has a knack for collaboration and connection, but her superpower really kicks in when it comes to getting to know someone. Long story short, she can help you with your code, while honing in on your hopes and dreams. After a meeting or two with Terry, students often find themselves with a plan, a tribe, and a lead on a job.