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Bitwise Capital

Funding Underestimated Founders in Tech

The Bitwise Capital fund, managed by Bitwise Industries, was created to provide pre-seed funding to underestimated founders that come from non-traditional backgrounds in unexpected areas who are normally excluded from the technology industry.

Why Bitwise Capital?

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    There is not enough capital in the local market to fund early-stage companies in Fresno

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    This leads to underfunded local startups and slower growth of the local economy

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    Founders in Fresno do not commonly have access to a network of wealth friends and family to seed new ideas

What does Bitwise Capital Do?

We see the value in founders & towns that have not historically had a place in tech

Bitwise Capital takes a hands-on approach through our investment process that takes founders through a development program which is designed to help companies IPO or be acquired. We leverage existing partnerships with private and public organizations to move the needle for companies in our portfolio.

South Stadium - Contemplate Cafe South Stadium - Contemplate Cafe South Stadium - Contemplate Cafe

The Impact

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South Stadium - Contemplate Cafe
  • Many of our best investments have been in historically underrepresented groups, and we expect this to continue

  • Many of our investments will be in opportunity zones in the Central Valley

  • We expect these founders to change the fabric of their hometown

Bitwise Industries Start-Ups

Trends with Bitwise Founders

Coding Image Bitwise 41 Lobby Workforce Class Students

Our pool of founders to potentially partner with is increasing exponentially.

Recent exits and upticks in external fundraising keyed us into the value building within our walls

Portfolio Construction

Bitwise Capital will make 40 pre-seed investments at an average amount of $100K per investment over a three-year investment period with a target allocation of 5% ownership
We expect 15% to return at exit valuations between $50M and $300M

Investment Process

  • Vet and train new founders with products through our Founder Development Program

  • Bitwise Capital selects and invests $100K in a strong founder team

  • Take product through our internal new customer acquisition process–closing first customers and identifying product roadmap

  • Bitwise Industries to invest $350K alongside pre-seed investments to build technology, market, and add key team members

  • Help founders scale business through supporting subsequent fundraisers, partnerships, and sales and marketing

  • Exit through IPO or Acquisition


  • Beth Mily
    Beth Mily

    General Partner

    Beth is the president of Bitwise Industries, and works with the management team to direct strategy and policies, as well as identify short and long-term goals for each company. She’s also responsible for Bitwise strategic philanthropic initiatives.

  • Trevor Thomas-uribe
    Trevor Thomas-uribe

    General Partner

    Trevor is Bitwise Industries’ Director of Investment. He energies capital formation and corporate strategy. He also helps to identify, invest in, and support promising new regional businesses within the Bitwise ecosystem.

  • Irma Olguin
    Irma Olguin

    General Partner

    Irma is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Bitwise Industries, overseeing the company’s operations teams, tech-focused training program, and custom software development firm. A main component of her role is ensuring the company’s fidelity to mission, strategy, and long-term goals.

  • Jake Soberal
    Jake Soberal

    General Partner

    Jake is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Bitwise Industries. He leads the organization in vision casting, real estate development, new and strategic initiatives and rallying people around the Bitwise vision.

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More than 30 investments

12 Exits

6.5X Early stage multiple*

*on early stage investments

With more than $500M in value generated and more than 4000 jobs created.


Ready to get involved?

If you would like to share your ideas with us, please send us an email. Your business plan submission should provide a clear description of what you are building.

Email: [email protected]