Digital New Deal

“The time is ripe to advocate for strategic investment in historically disenfranchised people

who can create new digital infrastructure for government. It is clear that the nation’s deteriorating digital infrastructure presents an opportunity for profound economic growth and inclusion. Policymakers today have a monumental opportunity to influence how the digital infrastructure of the nation is rebuilt and create a diverse and representative future tech workforce in the process.” – Jake A. Soberal, Co-Founder and CEO, Bitwise Industries

Public + Private Partnerships

It’s time to leverage the idea of public-private partnership to address the United States’ critical IT issues with smart initiatives that train a new generation of diverse technology employees. Apprenticeships will rebuild deteriorating IT systems and can develop tech skills in those who have been historically excluded from opportunity in the tech economy. Communities of color and/or concentrated poverty face financial barriers to entering the tech workforce simply because they can’t afford the training/education. Earn-while-you-learn apprenticeships eliminate these barriers, lifting communities out of systemic poverty and deliver much-needed modern software.

Crisis during a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated glaring weaknesses throughout our government’s infrastructure and digital networks. As people across the nation began seeking support services in the midst of a raging pandemic, state and federal online systems could not support the volume of requests even though billions of tax dollars are spent each year to prop up government IT.

Bitwise has a Plan

Government, whether local, state or federal, can build on this national mission by creating in-house apprenticeship programs, by partnering with organizations to develop custom software solutions, or outsourcing their apprenticeship program.

Bitwise is now pioneering the Digital New Deal (DND) as a way to leverage public/private entities to work together to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce. Organizations have billions of dollars allocated for software projects that can be awarded to traditional consulting firms where the work product will be technology alone. But, under a DND model, these projects would allow apprentices to collaborate with Sr. developers to deliver both the tech and a diverse technology workforce that can power future economic growth.

Bitwise Industries is dedicated to leading this effort through apprenticeship programs in our Workforce Training program. These types of programs fill a critical need that has traditionally been overlooked, by facilitating training that can be tailored to an organization and offering a path to success for an underemployed/under-represented workforce.