Encapsulating a story this vast is nearly impossible.

It’s not, and never was, just the history of Bitwise – it’s the story of countless people, of a community, of a city that would not settle for less than it deserved. That’s some powerful knowledge, but it’s meaningless without the agreement to work your ass off. So, that’s what we’ve been doing. With no more excuses, we’ve spent each day, month, and year igniting a revolution – not just of technology, but of self-imposed limitations.

With three ingredients, we’ve ignited a technological tidal wave.

Since July 1, 2013, the day we opened Bitwise Mural District, we’ve focused on connecting humans from marginalized communities and stories of systemic poverty to skills and resources necessary to access opportunities in the tech industry.

Bitwise Real Estate

We’ve developed and leased hundreds of thousands of square feet of long-forgotten space in downtown Fresno. More than 100,000 square feet and Fresno’s first rooftop conference center is currently underway, inching us closer to a technology campus to house hundreds of companies and thousands of new tech jobs in Fresno. Here, Fortune 500, local startup, and everything in between geek out side by side – and soon they’ll do the same in Bakersfield, Merced, Oakland, and Toledo, Ohio.

Bitwise Technology Consulting

Our custom-software company, Bitwise Technology Consulting, hires the very best out of Workforce Training, proving it’s possible to build stellar technology and top-notch companies in unexpected places, using that diverse army of nontraditional talent.

Bitwise Workforce Training

Bitwise Workforce Training has equipped thousands of students of all ages with real-world technology skills while building on-ramps for those traditionally left out of the tech industry. Through this accelerated training program, 4,000+ people have developed apps, started companies, and created technology to solve worldwide challenges.

By upskilling disenfranchised humans, we help empower them to change their own lives, which ignites and transforms the economies of each city Bitwise serves.