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May 26, 2022

11 Reasons We Love Bitwise Industries

According to Our Humans

Compliments are a two-way street. It feels great to be acknowledged for a job well done or looking good in a new outfit, just as much as taking a moment to sling well-earned praise in someone else’s direction. After our Top 10 finish last year in Fortune’s Best Small & Medium Workplaces, Bitwise Industries received its Great Places to Work Certification on May 17th. This award celebrates amazing workplace culture and we are all ecstatic to be recognized in such high esteem. However, none of it would be possible without the deliberate determination of each member on the team who is willingly ‘bought in’ to the Bitwise Industries’ ethos of “No One Belongs Here More Than You.” 

So, to commemorate the accolade,  we asked a few of our newest members to share what they love the most about working at Bitwise Industries. Below is a modest serving of their bombastic boasting of Bitwise. Enjoy. 

What Do You Love about Working at Bitwise Industries?

I love being able to work in an environment where you are encouraged to be your true, authentic self each day! This allows for us to feel like an actual family instead of other workplaces where you have to change who you are to fit in.

Anthony Haddad (He/Him/His)
Project Manager, MarComm

The impact that we are creating to help bring a new generation of tech leaders to the forefront.

Faizan Faruq (He/Him/His)
Director of Development, Revenue

The apprentice programs that provide technology skills to the underserved so they can build their own castles; or the many different ways we are engaged in our communities. It’s the examples our leadership teams set by demonstrating vulnerability, transparency, and that it’s okay to not be okay. The incredible work perks and benefits.  So many choices of things I love here. It’s a beautiful wrapping of culture that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Anna Page (She/Her/Ella)
Apprentice Support Specialist, Workforce Training

What I love about Bitwise Industries is the freedom this organization gives us to thrive while fostering individuality. We are celebrated for what we achieve, while being encouraged to simply be who we are. While working in Tech Consulting as a Project Manager, the individuals I collaborate with daily inspire me to become a better PM, coworker, friend, and human. This community, OUR community, has not only helped me embrace characteristics that other places hindered, but it has helped me realize that these qualities can become superpowers; superpowers that can be used to align with Bitwise’s mission of empowering those that have previously been dismissed.

Paola Zarza Mora (She/Her/Ella)
Project Manager, Technology Consulting

The culture, the positivity, the wonderful vibes, the freeness to be myself within my city and my community, to stop the gentrification, and to spread the wonderfulness that this company offers to my hometown.

Andre Nunn (He/Him)
Director of Bitwise Buffalo, City Expansion

Over the course of this year, I have gained an understanding and appreciation for the Bitwise core values. Not only does Bitwise help by upskilling our community, but Bitwise also helps to empower these humans to change their own lives. They help us build strong relationships with other people, and help us become our best selves. I love that Bitwise recognizes the good in people. They are always willing to support people that are struggling, and they also cheer people on when they succeed! I can honestly say that I have never been this happy at any other job in my life. And I’ve been working for over 25 years. I love this place!

Gigi Pruett (She/Her/Ella)
Apprentice Lead Coordinator, Workforce Training

What I love about Bitwise is the team. Being miles away can be a task, but I have certain people on the team that I can reach out to and get help or they send me to the right person. EVERYONE is always smiling! I love what we do for our communities!

Monica McCutcheon 
Community Outreach Coordinator, Workforce Training

I love FortNerf! I love that all employees get to have an amazing time after a hard week of work! It’s a good way to stay active, catch up with our Bitwise peeps.

Miguel “The Assist” Macias 
Student Success Specialist for Pre-Apprentices, Workforce Training

I love the community which is carried out through collaboration and support. It’s not cut-throat, every person for themselves. We succeed together as a team. Everyone is lifted up and supported how they need it. There’s always a hand stretched out to help and encourage you. No one is waiting to berate you for making a mistake. We learn and grow together. It’s the people, but not just that. It’s the people all agreeing to come together and operate in collaborative and meaningful ways where no one is left out and everyone is valued. I love Bitwise because “no one belongs here more than you” is not just a slogan, it’s a way of life.

Jen Lewis (She/Her)
Project Manager, Technology Consulting

I love the emphasis on employee professional growth, self care, and work/life balance.

Danielle Rivers (She/Her)
Project Management, Technology Consulting

Listen, I like a lot of things about Bitwise. I like the breakfast burritos, the incredible humans, workspaces, views of the downtown skyline, and how the buildings activate Fresno’s urban core. What can I say—I’m an urbanist. What I love about Bitwise, though, is more ethereal and real. Let me explain:

Before taking Bitwise Classes, it really seemed like I would slide a few steps back after taking one step forward, and the work I’d done to break out of my cycle of poverty felt inescapable. That really does a number on one’s willpower.

Bitwise humans took a chance on this random, goofy guy from the middle of nowhere and offered me a TA position, which evolved into an Inside Sales Apprenticeship where I was exposed to some incredible people. Their insight was intimidating, but still refreshing and genuinely dope.

I didn’t do anything extraordinary to deserve the role in which I find myself today; frankly, I don’t know how to process this new reality. All I can do is run with it alongside Bitwise as fast as we both can go. So, the answer to why I love Bitwise really begins with the simple truth that two great people trusted me enough with a responsibility and a purpose. How could I not love that?

Esteban Solis Loya (He/Him)
Student Success Specialist, Workforce Training

Just Being Honest

I’ve been at Bitwise Industries as a writer for one year, and I don’t have the words to convey how fortunate I feel to be a part of this incredible organization. I align with everyone who provided a statement, regardless of my personal/professional background or the place in the world where I live. Bitwise Industries is special. Why? Because it leans into every strength that our individual personalities provide. It is rare. And it is unique. And somehow … it is very Bitwise.

Our Humans and Our Corporate Culture

Want to hear more about Bitwise Industries? Whether you have a question about our corporate culture or want to optimize your business with technology, schedule a chat with us using this link. We’d be happy to help you out! 
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This post was written by Jeff Rickels, Technical Writer for Bitwise Industries. When he’s not writing, he’s spending time with his wife and kids, trying to find ways to help them find a job that is as professionally satisfying as Bitwise Industries. It’s a two-way street. Kinda like a compliment.

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