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March 10, 2022

A Spotlight on a Few of the Wonderful Women of Bitwise

March is Women’s History Month, commemorating and encouraging the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in history, while honoring and highlighting the women in our local community and lives. Bitwise Industries is committed to uplifting and celebrating the accomplishments of every woman on our team, but today we’d like to celebrate by putting the spotlight on some of the amazing women in our leadership! They’re mothers, daughters, nieces, mentors, and luminaries. They command large teams of humans and help Bitwise carry out its mission of building tech economies in underestimated cities. We couldn’t do what we do without them, so we want to recognize a few of them here.

Mrs. Officer

You can find the strong, brilliant women who lead our company in some of the most important operations of Bitwise. These incredible ladies lead teams across the company in marketing, wellness, real estate expansion, and beyond!

You probably recognize our rockstar Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Irma Olguin Jr. Between her recent TED talk and dedication to Bitwise’s continued growth, Irma always makes sure to care for our team and everyone on it. Alongside her are some incredible ladies helping make sure the Bitwise ship sails smoothly! Bethany Mily not only serves in executive leadership as our company President, but also mom to her two adorable sons, Emmett and Eamon.

Chief Operating Officer, Channelle Charest, oversees Bitwise administration and operations, and is also a talented tattoo artist, inking many Bitwise teammates and friends. Chief Marketing Officer, Jeanáe DuBois, leads a 60+-person marketing team on a variety of digital and physical projects, and somehow still finds time to hit the trails on her mountain bike for countless miles and miles. And keeping our buildings in tip-top shape while leading the Real Estate team is Sandi Olguin, Chief Real Estate Officer, who has a smile that can light up a room and make everyone feel right at home with her infectious humor. Together, these ladies help pave the way for Bitwise to do everything that Bitwise does! 

Our VPs are VIPs

Leading our teams isn’t just about keeping operations running smoothly; it’s also about taking care of our humans so they enjoy their work and do amazing work to carry out our ethos of lifting up underestimated communities and economies. Our greatest strength as a company is our people—Bitwise is and has always been about humans. So our leaders who help our humans grow and be the best we can be are vital to our team. Whether a daily check-in or bringing the Bitwise mission to new cities across the country, these ladies are a stellar part of our human-focused team.

Take for instance VP of Bitwise Toledo, Tammi Sherman. She’s at the forefront of leading our first out-of-state expansion campus in Toledo, Ohio. She’s on a roll—promoting Bitwise Toledo in numerous newspaper articles and television appearances, and helping kickstart our Bitwise Classes to the local community in Toledo (which is also her hometown!). And to all of the Bitwise team members in California and beyond, Director of Bitwise Oakland, Karen Scott, is helping make sure everyone is getting what they need to stay holistically healthy. She’s leading the effort as our teams prepare to return to in-person work later this year, staying in constant communication with folx who may have concerns or questions.

Blazing Paths

The world of business is making strides to elevate women in leadership positions across a variety of industries. Last year, the global proportion of women in senior management roles was 31%, an increase from the 24% in 2018. In addition, 9 out of 10 businesses worldwide had at least one woman of color on their senior management teams. While these statistics are encouraging to see, there is still a long way to go in making sure leadership in every business and every industry is equitable and inclusive. 

At Bitwise Industries, sixty percent of our C-suite executive leadership—and sixty-seven percent of our VPs—are women. This is obviously a dramatic increase from the corporate average (especially in technology). In fact, Fortune Magazine awarded Bitwise one of the Best Workplaces for Women, landing in the top three of twenty-five companies recognized. Overall, Bitwise’s full-time team is made up of 51 percent women.

Bitwise Industries will continue to open up seats at our leadership tables for more women to step up and lean in. We would love to showcase all of the women we have in leadership seats across our organization, but this post would be 8,000 words if we wrote about each one! For now, we’ll highlight these brilliant and talented ladies, celebrate their contributions to our team and our growth, and be thankful they help make up our dynamic and stellar team.

Ask us things!

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Leah Sadoian is a Content Writer for Bitwise Industries, and primarily writes marketing material, website content, and narratives for Bitwise Stories. In her free time, she enjoys a cold IPA, Law and Order SVU reruns, and spending time with her cat, Marge.

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