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January 8, 2019

A Mobile App to Shake the Family Tree and Preserve Lasting Memories with Video

A Digital Vault for Your Legacy

Gone are the days of physical photo album books and shoe box storage for photos and VHS tapes. Shift3 couldn’t be more stoked to be a part of the launch of A Tree of Me. One part social media platform, one part digital memory vault, this new mobile app gives users the capability to privately collect and view family memories, build and share a family tree through videos and photos, and connect and stay in touch. A Tree of Me leverages the smartphone to upload, share and connect with loved ones, all in an easy-to-navigate app.

“Video connects with people in a way that few other mediums are capable, but the lack of privacy and security of many social networks keeps many from freely sharing family video content,” said Todd and Nancy Thompson, Co-founders, A Tree of Me. “A Tree of Me gives an intimate method for sharing those memories on a platform that will never include ads or sell user information. We had the vision for this unique digital time capsule as a way to connect families, and Shift3 was able to bring A Tree of Me to life.”

Not a Social Media Platform, a Family Platform

“Shift3 specializes in working with clients from inception to completion, to create custom software that can tackle any technical challenge,” said JP Prendergast, Sr. Business Development Manager, Shift3 Technologies. “For A Tree of Me, we built an innovative social platform designed to share large video files in the mobile channel. As video becomes the primary method for capturing special family moments, this app allows families to pass on their legacies in the digital era like nothing else on the market. The app has elements of social media, sure. But what it’s really meant to be is a time capsule for future generations to get to know relatives that they’ve never even met. That’s where the real value is and that’s what’s special about it.”

To use A Tree of Me, simply download the app for free by visiting, iTunes or Google Play. Then import images and videos from your photo gallery or capture new photos and videos through the app. Users can connect with loved ones on the app to share content, or build their own digital archive of treasured memories.

About the App

Shift3 worked with Co-founders, Todd and Nancy Thompson to build a mobile application that allowed users to upload both photos and videos directly from their mobile devices, share those files with others in their network, and comment on each other’s posts to create a private dialogue.

What really sets A Tree of Me apart from other photo-sharing apps is the video component. Users can upload videos, save them to named folders and share the files they choose with other friends or family members with whom they’re connected on the mobile app. Essentially, you’re building a digital family tree and archive that’s secure and private. Recorded videos of loved ones or personal video diaries could be stored and shared until the user chooses to share them. Collect and share your memories via A Tree of Me and preserve your memories … and most importantly, your legacy.

Branch Out to A Tree of Me

Learn more about A Tree of Me by clicking here.

Download the app for free from Google Store or Apple Store.

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