Giving to Education is Beyond Measure℠

Shift3 Technologies is elated to introduce Beyond Measure℠, a new web-based classroom funding platform that enables private school educators and administrators to securely raise funds for specific classroom needs. Built expressly to address the challenges administrators and teachers face when raising money, Beyond Measure℠’s goal was to create an online platform so schools could directly ask their existing communities to support very specific projects as well as reach new potential donors.

Prior to Beyond Measure℠, private schools had to turn to less reliable, and often more labor intensive methods to raise money, such as traditional fundraising events like dinners, sales of various products, social media campaigns or other online fundraising activities that don’t provide full transparency as to where donor dollars are actually going to be used.

With this user-friendly new web application, donors know exactly where their donations are going. Each donor will receive a detailed receipt of their gift and their information is secure.  Beyond Measure℠ is a 501(c)(3), so all funds donated are tax deductible and securely documented for filing purposes.

Beyond Measure℠ is a project of the SeedCore Foundation – SeedCore supports private Christian schools and educators, entrepreneurial development, higher education scholarships and local community charities.

A Digital Tool for Teachers and Schools

Founded by John-Paul and Ingrid Lake, Beyond Measure℠ was created with the goal of helping faith-based, private school teachers raise the funds they need to support classroom projects, small and large. Through personal experiences, both founders have discovered that faith-based, private schools often struggle financially, while teachers are oftentimes paid considerably less than public school teachers.

“We had the idea to create an online classroom fundraising platform so schools could ask their communities for resources needed to fund their classroom projects directly. Shift3 took our vision and made a tangible, beautiful, efficient website with the potential to help private faith-based schools, teachers and students excel.” – John-Paul Lake, Co-founder

Shift3 worked with the Beyond Measure℠ team for one year to help build a dynamic, aesthetically pleasing user interface/experience that is simple for teachers to use, as well as donors. Additionally, donations for projects are processed securely via a Stripe payment integration.

Faith-based teachers are now able to post their classroom funding requests in a digital space made specifically for private school with similar projects. And once their projects are active, have the ability to share through the power of social media. Because of the in-depth vetting process that Beyond Measure℠ conducts for schools to participate on the platform, donors will feel confident that their donation is going to legitimate projects.

Give Faithfully

Shift3 worked with Beyond Measure℠ to develop a dynamic, web-based classroom funding platform where faith-based teachers and administrators can raise funds for their specific classroom needs. Teachers can create a profile, then create individual projects within the platform to begin raising funds. Each project includes a detailed description, how the funds will be used, amount of funding requested and any supplementary photos they want to showcase as they relate to the specific project. Donors can go to to view all active projects to donate any amount of funds they choose. There’s no limit of funds a teacher can request and donors can give to an unlimited number of active projects.

To ensure the utmost accountability and security for the donors, schools must apply and be approved through the vetting process by Beyond Measure℠ before teachers can submit projects for donations.

Fund Your Passion

Through Beyond Measure℠’s platform, teachers have an opportunity to ask for very specific classroom needs, rather than receiving a very small allocation of funds from an overall school fundraising activity. Another significant benefit is that teachers can truly express their passion for particular subjects and share why it is critical for the education and growth of their students in their project description.

Similarly, donors also have the capability to give to the causes that are of the greatest importance to them. A donor can choose to fund a particular school, teacher, grade level or subject, giving them complete control over how they‘d like to see their donations used. Each donor will receive a detailed receipt and their information is secure.

It Takes a Village 

In August of 2019, The Business Insider reported that, “While the federal government reports that teachers spend an average of $500 on school supplies, some teachers told them they spend as much as $1,000 in out-of-pocket costs.” Imagine the limitations of an educator without funds for classrooms’ alphabet posters, books or pencils. When funds are stifled, teaching can also be stifled.

Teachers exist to guide and instruct the adults of tomorrow. What we invest in them today, whether it be a field trip to the ocean’s tide pools or supplementary textbooks to help improve reading comprehension, is incredibly vital. Beyond Measure℠ wants to help faith-based institutions augment those funds through direct community donations … to invest in faith-based education and the principled adults of tomorrow.

Beyond Measure℠ strives to promote classroom funding, at every grade level, so teachers have all the tools they need to instruct, guide and mentor without financial limitations.

Learn more about Beyond Measure℠ by clicking here. For inquiries, email [email protected]. Read more about Beyond Measure’s story in our Case Study.

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