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January 13, 2022

The Building Blocks of Bitwise Industries

Where Are We Going in 2022?

Bitwise Industries–headquartered in Fresno, California–is known for being an amazing tech company with a keen focus on building custom websites, rolling out game-changing apps, and reworking the daily process of inefficient business models through Salesforce applications and digital automation. We’re also very proud of our human-focused mantra of uplifting underserved people in overlooked communities and providing them with employment opportunities in the tech industry. 

However, not many people realize how big we are in the world of real estate. To date, we have five locations in California that stretch from Oakland to Bakersfield. Being more than a place for our people to crank out their amazing work, each Bitwise location offers local businesses, start-up companies, and self-employed individuals with ample leasable and cowork space, high-tech accommodations, and the Bitwise culture that we fiercely crave and nurture. What’s more exciting? We have four more buildings coming online this year and we want to share a few details (and some pics) with you and the world as we continue to gear up. Of course, COVID-19 has thrown a few big wrenches into our construction schedule, but we are not deterred; Bitwise will continue to press forward in a way that is safe and responsible for all involved in these projects. Read on to see where Bitwise is slated to open next and find out how it can happen in a downtown near you. 

Bitwise Fresno

In the heart of the Central Valley of California sits Fresno. Wedged between foothills that lead to three national parks to the east (including Yosemite) and the Central Coast to the west, Fresno is a big part of the ag community that is responsible for feeding nearly a third of the world. As the fifth largest city in California, Fresno is known for its cultural diversity, affordable housing, and the Fresno State Bulldogs

Fresno is also home to three Bitwise buildings in the downtown area and our fourth, and largest, is in the works. Our newest addition in Fresno will reside in the historic State Center Warehouse. Featuring more than 100,000 square feet of 100-year-old brick, wood, pillars, and character throughout, Bitwise HQ will house our staff and a mix of private office suites, support services, high-tech amenities, and an expansive marketplace that includes a variety of eateries. Guesstimated completion: 2022.

Bitwise State Center Warehouse

747 R Street

Fresno, CA 93721


[email protected]

Bitwise Bakersfield

Found on the southend of the Central Valley, about 70 miles from Los Angeles, is Bakersfield, California. Known primarily as an oil manufacturing hub, Bakersfield has received a lot of notoriety over the years from legendary country singer Buck Owens and Food Network star Guy Fieri who fancies Bakersfield as a hotspot for Triple D restaurants.

Bitwise Industries has one thriving location in downtown Bakersfield already and it just made sense to add a second. As the tech community continues to grow in Bakersfield, new opportunities abound for Bitwise. Our newest location features a grand entryway, a coffee bar for tenants and the public alike, private office spaces, reservable conference rooms, and a state-of-the-art presentation area perfect for meetings and community events. The basement features a fully-stocked, central bar with reservable private space, video game arcade, and additional classrooms. Rumor has it that there’s a massive slide between floors on the premises. Guesstimated completion: 2022.

Bitwise 1723

1723 18th Street

Bakersfield, CA 93301


[email protected]

Bitwise Merced

With a name that means ‘mercy’ in Spanish, Merced, California shares many regional traits common to other cities in the Central Valley. This quiet community holds a large stake in agriculture, a history of avionics, and has the only UC campus found in the Valley that is the first research university built in the U.S. in the 21st century. With so many first-generation college students in the area and the city’s commitment to the revitalization happening in downtown Merced, Bitwise wanted to bolster that progress as improvements were being made to the El Capitan Hotel (right across the street) and the Tioga Apartments nearby. 

Bitwise Merced features private office spaces, classrooms, a cafe, and Bitwise Cowork. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow downtown visitors a glimpse inside, and reservable spaces make this the perfect location for a variety of community events. This 6,500 sq. ft. building will be another gem to glisten in downtown Merced. Guesstimated completion: 2022.

Bitwise 1635

1635 M Street

Merced, CA 95340


[email protected]

Bitwise Toledo

Situated on the banks of the Maumee River, this port town is surrounded by big-city amenities that are nestled between a heartwarming, small-town vibe. Known for its long history of manufacturing windows, windshields, and every glass product in between, this Glass City finds itself one of the major trade centers of the Midwest. The distinct city has grown into a center of arts and culture, and Bitwise Industries is excited to call it home very soon. 

This former historic post office is our newest expansion into Ohio known as Bitwise Toledo. Our campus, located in the heart of downtown, is a beautiful 100,000 sq. ft. building that features a wide-open atrium that connects three floors to the lobby that includes a cafe, restaurant marketplace, outdoor gathering areas, and patio seating. Alongside Bitwise Cowork, this location will be a multi-use space with event and presentation venues available to tenants and the surrounding community. Guesstimated completion: 2023. 

Bitwise Toledo

1300 Jefferson Avenue

Toledo, OH 43604


[email protected]

What Comes Standard?

Just like a modern home kitchen remodel that collides with the digital age, Bitwise Industries pushes our buildings to the extreme when it comes to providing high-end technology paired with the necessary creature comforts that promote community and engagement. We want our “work homes” to be the place people seek out and eventually covet.

All of our Bitwise buildings include standard amenities, like access to high-speed internet for video calls, phone calls, or internet surfing needs. Our private office spaces are vibrant, innovative, and suitable for companies of all sizes. We have conference rooms and presentation venues within each building that house the best audio/video accoutrements that are reservable for everyone who is a part of our ecosystem, as well as community organizations who need a platform to share their story. If you simply need a desk and a space to do your job, the Desk Hotel offers 24/7 access to your own desk space and business address. And what’s a work space without an incredible tenant lounge? Bitwise Industries maintains a full kitchen and comfy seating for tenants to take a break from work, heat up lunch, or just hang out with your team.

Most importantly, we want to provide everyone who steps into one of our lobbies a safe space to be themselves. Our human focus is mindfulness toward inclusion and diversity toward the individual, regardless of their history or upbringing. When we say, “no one belongs here more than you,” we mean it.  

Where Are You?

Even as these buildings get up and running, we have more great spaces in the works across the U.S. If you live in a city that doesn’t yet have a Bitwise campus, let us know! We’d love to hear why we should expand to your city next. And don’t forget, we‘re more than buildings, cowork, and classes. Bitwise Industries is a tech company, too. We develop world-class technology solutions for government and private-sector clients that want to scale quickly.

The short story? We do custom software development, managed services, and Salesforce implementation. If you’re interested in uncovering the tech possibilities available to your organization, click this link to schedule some time with one of our experts. Want to learn more about our fabulous Bitwise Real Estate team and all our leasing opportunities? Click here.

This post was written by Jeff Rickels, Technical Writer for Bitwise Industries. When he’s not writing, he’s thinking about the Konami code: ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA. IYKYK. 

If you’re interested in uncovering the tech possibilities available to your organization or want to find more ways to increase your ROI with technology, click this link to schedule some time with one of our experts.