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September 9, 2021

A Peek into the Workings of a Bitwise Building

The Awesomeness of Our Bitwise Real Estate Team

When people walk into our buildings, they see vibrant murals, high-tech check-in kiosks, hear lively music and feel the energy of community and possibility. What many don’t see is what happens behind the scenes to create that experience for every human who walks through our doors. 

Our Bitwise Real Estate team, often referred to as our Bitwise building overseers, work hard to make sure our buildings are super fresh and clean—and include the coolest technology to keep our community productive, effective, and safe. From our tech tools to our fun stuff (like electric GPS scooters), our Bitwise Real Estate team really goes the extra mile (pun intended) to make sure every single one of our buildings creates an experience that every employee, tenant, and visitor will remember. Additionally, they make our buildings a place more businesses want to be. 

We did an extensive Bitwise Story on our Real Estate team earlier in the year, but here we want to talk about some of the amazing gadgets they put in place to keep Bitwise a cool and safe place to be every day (even during a pandemic). 

The Tech that Makes Bitwise Industries So Special

When you stand outside any of our buildings, you will notice that Bitwise Industries isn’t replicating cookie-cutter spaces across the country. Revitalizing underestimated cities requires strategic flair and a sense of fun. But it’s more than getting attention with a stylish exterior. Bitwise Industries shines from the inside out. From the cafes to the taprooms, the eateries to the gym, every Bitwise building has something unique to offer tenants, staff, and guests that goes way beyond a simple desk to sit at with a laptop. The Bitwise Building Teams work hard to maintain a space that is open and inviting. It starts with routine cleanings and continues through with around-the-clock security. We want people to feel at home when they are at work. But you expect clean and safe, right? What about a fleet of GPS-tracked electric scooters? You probably didn’t see that feature coming. Our very own Director of Software Engineering, Corey Shuman (a bonafide genius), created and built a system to geo-track these electric scooters and define an invisible fence to monitor their location at all times or to turn them off automatically if they travel outside the defined boundaries. And their whereabouts can be watched on a big screen tv. Technology is so cool.  

Why Businesses Want to Be in a Bitwise Building

There’s a lot of good advice on the Internet regarding what to look for when renting office space. Just type “What should I look for when renting office space” into a Google search and you’ll get 2.2 billion responses (in .57 seconds) that you need to parse for valuable insight. Some things are obvious. What square footage are you looking for in an office? What type of parking is available? What are the terms and conditions? The answer is yes. You should ask all of those questions—and lots more—before you sign a lease, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

However, there’s an intangible element that’s hard to quantify when looking for the right space. It doesn’t come up in any of those searches. And without spending considerable time in a potential space prior to leasing, you don’t know what the overall environment will be for you and your staff based on the actual place until you go to work there. With that in mind, Bitwise Industries has gone about creating office experiences a bit differently. 

Building Safety is Paramount

We know how to get serious about safety, too. For example, the Bitwise Real Estate Team has put together an intuitive check-in system for tenants that allows guests to login at an iPad kiosk in the lobby. Once they input their name, an automated message is sent to the tenant or team member who is expecting them and they are able to quickly connect and get back to business. This system reduces unnecessary face time with reception staff, so distance is maintained. We use something similar in all of the conference rooms so people can see the room’s scheduled meetings for the day at a glance. If the answer is quick and convenient, people stay safe and on task. 

Going a serious step further, COVID-19 provided an opportunity for Bitwise Industries to flex our technology muscles for ourselves when we had to consider how we would bring our own staff back to work in a way that was safe for our people, their families, and the community. Using our Salesforce expertise, our internal Salesforce team built a custom solution within our existing org to collect, track, and manage all of our team’s COVID-19 vaccination records. This was all custom tailored to the workflow of our HR specs to ensure that every protocol was appropriate, secure, and private. 

Workspaces Help Maintain Morale

Great employee morale = great productivity. The negative inverse is equally true and can be much more damaging to your bottom line. Employers spell productivity in a lot of different ways. Some workspaces are quiet and refined while others are loud and rowdy. There’s not a wrong answer until your turnover rate starts to move up and your ROI trends down. 

The fix is providing a welcoming office space that benefits the individual, as well as the company. Bitwise Industries considers all of the above every day. That’s why the Real Estate team takes so much pride in maintaining a space where people are happy to spend their work life. That’s why the buildings—just like the security teams—are open and available 24/7 to Bitwise employees and tenants. The typical work week doesn’t seem to fit in the standard 8-to-5 box anymore. This corporate culture is how we spell productivity.

People Breathe Life into Buildings

Our physical buildings provide the initial “wow factor,” but the people who work within them are the lifeblood of our community and daily business. Bitwise Industries understands that point and strives to provide our staff and tenants with amenities that are beyond unique. We want our workspaces to be something … unexpected.

How Can We Help?

In addition to providing amazing spaces to work and be, Bitwise Industries also specializes in custom software development, managed services, and Salesforce implementation. If you’re interested in uncovering the tech possibilities available to your organization, click this link to schedule some time with one of our experts. Want to learn more about our fabulous Bitwise Real Estate team? Check out Forged in the Fire. For leasing opportunities, click here.

This post was written by Jeff Rickels, Technical Writer for Bitwise Industries. When he’s not writing, he’s cooking. The trickiest thing he’s dealt with in the kitchen lately is finding that one fly that got away. He knows he hit it with the swatter, but he doesn’t know where it wound up. 

If you’re interested in uncovering the tech possibilities available to your organization or want to find more ways to increase your ROI with technology, click this link to schedule some time with one of our experts.