November 11, 2021

How Can a Temporary Tech Expert Drive Success?

Let’s Talk Cars

I’m a big fan of Michael Keaton. From Batman to Birdman, Mr. Mom to Beetlejuice, that guy finds a way to my funny bone with his excessively dry sense of humor and deadpan delivery. As a kid, one of my favorite movies of his was the 1986 comedy called Gung Ho. The short version summary of this Ron Howard flick goes like this: a Japanese car company buys an American plant and Keaton plays the liaison tasked with bringing together these two cultures and differing work-place attitudes. It’s full of great one liners and people you’ve grown to love over the years. But the heart of the movie lies in two wildly different work cultures coming together to accomplish a predetermined goal. 

Coincidentally, when a client needs reinforcements to improve features or overcome an obstacle, this is exactly how Bitwise Industries works alongside companies to augment their staff with a tech expert or Salesforce trailblazer.

Can I Pick-n-Pull Parts Remotely?

Of course! Companies can use an occasional assist in numerous tech areas. Oftentimes a full-time, onsite employee feels like the only option–but that role (and expense) might not fit the timing or duration of the task. When you need very specific expertise, working with a company who can augment the exact role and parameters is totally doable. For instance; let’s say you run a subscription-based marketing company that provides a suite of goods (customized email and text campaigns) to small- and medium-sized salons. Your company is big enough to have a creative department, a web guru, and a Salesforce admin, but you don’t have the acumen person on staff to handle the Lightning conversion (the frontend UI framework system) that’s required to create a better user experience through a web-based app. 

You need someone, but the role and task is clearly defined and finite. Finding a tech company that provides this level of staff augmentation can give you an expert who is capable of working remotely with your team as a part of your ecosystem. Now you pair your on-staff developer who is working on the backend with this “temporary” expert whose sole purpose is developing the HTML/CSS frontend that creates all the functionality for the client-facing, web-based dashboard where subscribers login. 

Simply put; you build the amazing car, but you need someone to perfectly tune the engine from a distance.

What if I Need a Fast Driver?

There are moments when project parameters or goals shift. Sometimes the market demands more, or the mission becomes hyper critical because it will have an impact on people, so you have to pivot and move faster. Since making the world a better place for humans is near and dear to our hearts, Bitwise Industries recognized quick alignment when we jumped in and helped one of our clients achieve a significant win during a demanding deadline. 

Betterworks–founded in 2013–provides performance management and goal-setting solutions that are designed to align global enterprises with strategies to enable continuous performance and learning from employee insights. They were in the process of developing a custom solution for one of their clients, had an existing partnership with an off-shore firm, and needed a skilled external source to manage the API build while speeding up the process to deliver the project to market. They approached Bitwise to contract one of our senior developers who could be onsite to work side-by-side with their team and carry some real weight. 

With fifteen+ years of experience in full-stack development, proficient in frontend and backend technologies, as well as full-project architecture, our developer was quickly immersed onsite with their team and took on all of the API and JavaScript responsibilities so Betterworks’ internal team could focus on core architecture needs. After this three-month sprint together, Betterworks was able to accelerate the overall process and get to market for their client ahead of expectations. You can read more about this project here.

It’s the Journey that Counts

Just like a long road trip, finishing your project can be both fulfilling and a huge headache. Whether you’re frantically searching for a gas station while running on empty, or suddenly in need of an extra developer mid-build, we’re here to help. If you ever find yourself in a place where you need direction, consider Bitwise Industries. We have the people and tools to get you back on the road to success. (And we can help you find a gas station, too.)

Let Us Help

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If you’re interested in uncovering the tech possibilities available to your organization or want to make an impact in your community with technology, click this link to schedule some time with one of our experts. 

This post was written by Jeff Rickels, Technical Writer for Bitwise Industries. When he’s not writing, he’s trying to figure out why his phone wants to autocorrect superfluous to Super Phyllis. Superfluous refers to something unnecessary or needless. He doesn’t know what makes Phyllis super or what her powers are, but he’s glad that she’s out there to watch over us.