The Humans Behind the Humans at Shift3

Behind the Scenes of a Custom Dev Firm with The Magic Maker

Every so often we like to shine a light on the fantastic humans that help keep Shift3 Technologies a finely-tuned development machine. We’re talking about the people behind the scenes giving precision administrative support to our leadership team and department leads; the ones who book all the travel, coordinate the many AirBnbs, constantly run impromptu errands and the ones who become the jack-of-all-trades to help support corporate events. They are the behind-the-scenes task ninjas and they make sure we’re always a step ahead. These are our prized and cherished Executive Assistants. Here we’re going to read the first-hand experience of our unsung hero of Shift3, our Executive Assistant, Madison Shrader. (aka The Magic Maker.)

Humanizing Technology

Human connection. That’s what Shift3 is all about. Connecting humans to technology, to their communities, to each other. We empower and equip people with technology to make a difference. We hire people with a passion for serving. We train people to do their jobs with the client in mind. There is no part of Shift3 that is not centered around human potential. 

When I was hired almost a year ago, I was drawn in by that message. However, I did not realize how much my position fit into that mission until now. Although my official title is Executive Assistant, I have many unofficial titles: behind-the-scenes-magic-maker, gorilla glue and woman behind the curtain. Wherever people need me, I am there. I am the person behind the scenes, helping the cogs of Shift3 turn so that the team can deliver on its promise of helping businesses grow and thrive through meaningful, innovative technology. Although there are many humans that make up Shift3, I’m the only one who does what I do.

Helping Sales Sell

Most of my time this last year has been spent supporting the Business Development (BD)  team. When I was hired we had a handful of hard-working people, working overtime to spread the word about Shift3. Three months after starting, I was tasked with helping grow our business development team. That meant setting up interviews, booking hotel rooms and plane tickets (pre-pandemic world, what a time), and onboarding a team of four sales people all at the same time. I sat in on meetings and helped build a strategy around what a training process would look like. I scheduled meet-and-greets, collected t-shirt sizes, and made sure the new team members were introduced to all the correct people. 

Another task I wrangled was researching different sales programs in which our team could engage. This meant reaching out to different companies, setting up meetings, and learning about their value to Shift3 and our BD people. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that my contribution was making it possible for our team to go out and do their jobs more efficiently. By filling in those blanks and connecting the dots, I helped enable the BD team to do what they do best: connect with people.

The Hand of the Marketing Voltron

I’ve also had the pleasure of helping with projects in our marketing department. Marketing consists of several team members, all contributing to form and communicate Shift3’s message out to the world. A Marketing Voltron, if you will. (And I’ve gotten to be a hand to that Voltron.) I’ve had the opportunity to work on several corporate events with this team, setting up and tearing down equipment, registering people at welcome tables and coordinating schedules. 

In addition to event support, I’ve also coordinated travel and lodging for our marketing team so they could travel throughout California and connect other cities with the work and projects we’re doing at Shift3.

Supporting the marketing team has also included larger projects, such as managing the various social media platforms for Shift3—this entailed developing and managing content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for a spell. I’ve even been put on super-focused tasks, such as running to the nearest CVS to buy a magazine for a photoshoot or writing this blog post. I go wherever people need me to go, and do what needs to be done. By doing that, others are able to spend their time showcasing what Shift3 does best: uplifting humans through technology.

Helping the Devs Dev

Although I have no software background whatsoever, I have also had the privilege of working with our software development team. I was tasked with registering multiple team members for technical training, pairing people and working around schedules. I have also been in charge of booking travel and lodging for developers who were attending conferences for various software development things I can’t even comprehend. 

I’ve also had the opportunity to sit in on weekly meetings, where I get to hear about the progress of each ongoing Shift3 project. When there’s an in-house developer training to be had, I’m the one in charge of coordinating a location and planning snacks for an afternoon of dev learning.

An Unexpected Tech Journey

As the executive assistant to Shift3, you wouldn’t have thought that I would be the one to coordinate an entire office move from one building to another, but I absolutely did! I made sure everyone had boxes, a place to sit, and didn’t miss a developing beat. 

Throughout my first year at Shift3, I have been the person who could help take that load off of someone else’s shoulders. So many behind-the-scenes, odd jobs have been delegated to me, which freed up other people’s time to help develop and create clients’ apps and websites, turning their ideas into reality.

Connecting, Empowering and Serving Humans Through Technology

When I graduated from a private Christian university, with a major in communications and a minor in psychology, I never thought I would end up working for a world-class custom software firm. But doing this work has been so rewarding. To do what Shift3 does, it takes executive directors, project managers, developers, marketers and salespeople all collaborating and working together. 

The work that each department does affects and flows into all other areas of the company. We depend on one another, human to human, in order to do our work and do it beautifully. Shift3 truly is a machine; its wheels cannot turn without the collaboration and care of every employee.  I serve our Shift3 team so that the team can serve our clients and communities. As the administrative assistant at Shift3, my job is to fill in the blanks and turn the wheels so that everyone else can do what Shift3 has set out to do: connect with, empower, and serve humans through technology.

Give Us a Holla!

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This post was written by Madison Shrader, Executive Assistant for Shift3 Technologies. You can find her joyously singing, curating her newest Spotify playlist, or watching The Office.

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