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August 13, 2020

A Case Study in Staff Augmentation with Betterworks

Our success story depends on our clients’ success stories—and we really love to share them. 

Our clients come from a variety of industries. From manufacturing and health/fitness to education and agriculture, we’ve served most verticals. We’ve developed smart websites, mobile applications and even large-scale enterprise applications within those industries. Allow us to highlight our client, Betterworks, and their successes.

Born from a Struggle with Human Resources

Betterworks is a SaaS company that aligns, develops and activates workforces for business growth. Through their easy-to-use, integrated, human resources software solutions, they help organizations replace outdated annual review processes with powerful Continuous Performance Management programs that help managers be better at the conversations, coaching and development necessary to inspire and motivate the entire workforce to meet today’s goals and be ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Betterworks was born from a human resources struggle; specifically, the struggle with the outdated processes and systems used to track and encourage job performance – goals set once a year and forgotten, feedback rarely or never received, progress unremarked and unrewarded – never quite knowing if work really mattered to the company. 

Tapping into the power of conversation they created a human resources SaaS solution specifically designed to drive motivation and growth, to unify teams, to help teams hit goals and prepare for whatever’s next.

The Project

When we connected with Betterworks, they were in the process of developing a custom solution for one of their clients and needed to bring in a skilled external resource to increase their velocity of time to market. Though they had an existing partnership with an off-shore development firm, they really wanted a resource partner in the same time zone, as well as a dev partner that could supplement a specialized software engineer on-site at their location when needed. 

Though Betterworks was growing rapidly as an entity, they were growing their own development resources internally just as fast. The challenges presented were allocating their internal resources on development projects that were morecore; building out core functionalities, overall footprints of the processes and products that they were taking on at any given time. The challenge was finding a resource partner to augment the special API builds, while the internal team focused on core architecture.

The Solution

Shift3 Technologies worked with Betterworks to deploy a skilled senior developer to work side-by-side with their professional services team. Our developer worked onsite at their facility, as well as remotely, and was fully immersed in their project with their team for three months – focusing mainly on JavaScript. Fully vetted by our team and theirs, our developer came to the table with fifteen+ years of experience in full-stack development, proficient in frontend and backend technologies, as well as full-project architecture.

With coordinated milestones and proximity to the Betterworks team, we were able to help them accelerate the dev process and get their product to market faster. Consistent with Shift3’s standards for its developers and engineers, the high-level software developer Shift3 assigned had strengths in programming, design and architecture.

“We needed a custom development resource that was willing to embed a developer on our team in-house. The resource assigned to our project had a lot of experience, not just programming skills; they had some design and some architectural skills in doing things, like even helping us run a load analysis up front on the application.”

Eric Schrader – Chief Customer Officer, Betterworks

Overall Impact on Betterworks

Due to the partnership in development resources with the Betterworks professional services team, they were able to accelerate time to market for their client. With Shift3’s California location in proximity to their Redwood City locale, the teams were able to operate with minimal to no obstacles or communication challenges. 

The immersion of our skilled software developer helped put laser focus on the portions of the development that needed isolated attention, so their core internal teams could focus on the macro aspects of the software build. Additionally, our developer was able to self-manage at a high level, flexing in and out of phases as dictated by the build, using only the hours allocated by the executive director of development.

Beneficial Resource Partnership

We had a partnership in development resources with Betterworks to help get their product to market faster. Do you have a project or build that needs a few extra developers? How can we lend our expertise to your next dev project? Give us a call at 559 560 3300 or email us at [email protected]. Learn more about staff augmentation here.

This post was written by Celeste A. Barron, Content Development Manager. You can find her singing every word to Gangsta’s Paradise to a room full of millennials.

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