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September 24, 2020

How to Use Salesforce’s Trailhead Go App

Wake Me Up Before You Trailhead Go-Go

At Dreamforce 2019, Salesforce (in partnership with Apple) debuted the Trailhead Go mobile app. Trailhead Go brings all of the training material Salesforce provides on their desktop site to mobile users in a native iOS application. Now users can continue learning while away from their computers and on the move. Now, whether you’re riding public transit, waiting at the dentist office or relaxing at the beach, you can keep enriching your skill set while earning those precious badges and points.

Navigating the App

After downloading Trailhead Go from the App Store and signing in, you’ll be presented with a few different navigation tabs on the bottom of the screen. The default tab is the Today tab. Here you can see in-progress modules or trails, as well as your suggested, favorited and recently viewed modules.

Another navigation option is the Learn tab. Similar to the Today tab, Learn shows you some selected trails, Trailmixes, projects and modules to try. The next tab is Search where, you guessed it, users can Search for individual modules or trails.

Next to the Search tab is the Profile tab. The Profile tab lets you see your progress on Trailhead including the number of points and badges you’ve earned, your current rank and breakdown of learned skills, and completed badges. The final tab is the More tab. Here you can manage your in-app settings including Dark Mode (Campfire Mode) and setting reminders to use Trailhead.

Mobile Vs Desktop Experience

Once you find a trail or module you’d like to start, all you have to do is select the module, then select the first unit—and you’re off to the races. Using Trailhead Go feels just like using the desktop version. The content is fully carried over in real time, and the same goes for the experience. The familiar styles, images, graphics, and quizzes we’ve all grown accustomed to, have all been brought to mobile. And yes, that also includes the confetti when you complete a badge.

However there is one caveat. Trailhead Go does not support any hands-on challenges. Instead of finding the hands-on challenge at the bottom, you’ll be prompted to complete the assessment on a desktop version.

A nice feature Salesforce included is the ability to handoff the module to your Mac, allowing you to pick up right where you left off. This is a pretty elegant and seamless solution for a challenging issue. Besides, did you really want to be setting up an Org or writing Apex Classes on your iPhone?

Tips and Tricks

Salesforce designed some modules specifically for Trailhead Go. These “quick look” modules are bite-sized, normally around 5 minutes worth of material, and are perfect for a quick read while on the move.

Another useful feature is the daily reminders option. In the More tab, you can set yourself daily reminders to open Trailhead Go. This is great if you need a little reminder or nudge to pop open the app.

Occasionally some tables will be too wide and you have to scroll to the side to see the parts that are cut off. A good solution for this is to turn your phone on its side. This will put the app into landscape mode and will give you more screen real estate to see that pesky table.

Trailhead Going, Going, Gone

Armed with a team full of Salesforce Admins and Developers, we’ve become somewhat experts in Trailhead. We use a consultative approach to help you determine the best strategy to identify your challenges, implement appropriate solutions and enhance your systems.

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Christian Coelho is a Certified Salesforce Admin and a Salesforce Developer focusing on APEX and API Integrations at Shift3 Technologies. When he’s not streamlining and automating workflows for clients, Christian spends time remembering how much he enjoyed line dancing, going to the movies and being at the beach.

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