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April 20, 2023

Client Spotlight: Hedge Heroes

Making Crypto Less Cryptic

This week, we’re spotlighting a client with a barrier-breaking mission. Hedge Heroes is a start-up business focused on making cryptocurrency of all kinds accessible to everyone–not just tech giants. For most, cryptocurrency remains a mystery, but Hedge Heroes seeks to demystify it in a collaboration with Bitwise’s digital product development department. Keep reading to see how Hedge Heroes came to be, and all the ways Bitwise is helping make this barrier-breaking idea a reality.

Holdin’ Out for a (Hedge) Hero

Hedge Heroes seeks to redefine utility and bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. Client Jose Velasco enlisted Bitwise Industries’ digital product development team to create a clickable prototype to show to potential investors as a means to raise funding. By creating a transactional platform that allows mobile application users to get exclusive access to vendors’ online marketplaces, both merchants and users will be able to buy physical and digital goods using cryptocurrency. Get your Dogecoin ready to go!

Picture this: you’re a vendor at a farmer’s market in your neighborhood–Hedge Heroes would allow you to accept cryptocurrency payments via the use of a digital wallet and can even convert your US dollars to whichever cryptocurrency you choose. Hedge Heroes seeks to provide cryptocurrency point-of-sale systems to brick and mortar retailers. Imagine being able to pay for your farm-grown celery with Ethereum?

Bitwise’s digital product development team, led by project manager Daisy Mayorga, worked to create a visually-appealing user experience with a full click-through demo to share with potential investors. “People don’t immediately understand how the technology works and it can be scary to adopt, but our designers have done a great job at looking at the scope of work and creating something that makes the user understand cryptocurrency on a different level than they have before.” 

Hedge Heroes’ goal is to raise capital for a full platform build, and to subsequently develop the org’s offering into a user experience that goes beyond a point-of-sale system and completely delves into discovering all of the possibilities that live within the Metaverse. Mayorga continued, “Once they get funding to create the full version of the app is when I think we’ll see the full impact of the product, and the difference it can make in the community.”

Initially, the creation of the app posed a challenge: there aren’t a lot of existing examples of cryptocurrency wallets that function to convert US dollars into whatever cryptocurrency you choose. How do you create a workflow for something that’s never been done before? But through research and collaboration, this new and otherwise mysterious technology became clearer and clearer.

With Hedge Heroes, everyone wins: vendors interested in accepting cryptocurrencies can create and accept payment in both physical and online marketplaces, and customers are able to make purchases easily with the use of their crypto wallets. Jose Velasco’s mission is to make cryptocurrency less mysterious and more accessible to every community, including small businesses. 

In terms of the project, Bitwise’s digital product development services plugged in from day one. Jose Velasco shared of his experience so far, “Bitwise has been an incredibly helpful partner in crafting a vision for the future. I came to them with a concept, wireframe, and hope. After countless hours of collaboration, we were able to produce an incredible prototype that is sure to revolutionize the payment industry. Above all, Bitwise has proven that there is incredible opportunity for innovatIon even in the smallest or least unexpected of places.” 

We Can Be Your Hero

Hedge Heroes is only one project that Bitwise Industries is working on with clients to create a better world via digital solutions. When an idea can go from something mysterious and scary to a fully-realized prototype, magic can happen. This is only the beginning for Hedge Heroes, and our digital product development services can help build a beautiful beginning for your idea, too! Whether it’s leveling-up your current business practices or designing something brand new from the ground up, you can learn more about digital product development here.

Community Building Starts Here

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This post was written by Amber Carpenter, Junior Copywriter, at Bitwise Industries, but she is also okay with being referred to as The Girl with the Miss Piggy Tattoo.

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