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July 9, 2021

What We’re Looking Forward to the Most Upon Returning to Bitwise Industries

We are BACK! (Okay, not really.) But we’re getting there. Over the next few months, our team (which has been largely remote for the better part of 1.5 years) will be transitioning back into our buildings to experience the splendor that is working in a vibrant Bitwise building. 

To capture the excitement of the remarkable humans on our team, here are a few of the things they’re excited to experience upon returning—in their own words.

What are you looking forward to THE MOST upon returning to Bitwise Industries?

“I’d say I’m most looking forward to seeing old and new friends in the halls and being connected to such a great team of fun and caring people. Just walking through the halls and running into people is one of the pieces of magic that makes being in a Bitwise building really unique.

Also, I’m really looking forward to seeing Zoey (our creative director’s puppy)!” 

Alex Hussain-Leon / Project Coordinator / Workforce Training & IT

“I’m excited to create and collaborate with the team IRL. I daydream about all the fun social media content we’ll produce on the spot–and snacks. Hella excited for office snacks.”

Amanda Valdez / Social Media Coordinator / MarComm

“This time has taught me a lot about communicating from afar. But, I’ve been limited in who I interact with in the day-to-day. I CANNOT WAIT to watch our community come back together in person. The laughs that boom down the hall, the notes left behind on a white board after a meeting. I really miss all of those signs of life.”

Angelica Cano / VP of Strategy / MarComm

“I’m torn between having a dedicated workspace again, so I don’t have to WFC (Work From Couch) and the everything bagel at the cafe.“

Ayanna Shaw / Social Media Coordinator / MarComm

“I’m looking forward to the buzz; I can’t wait to see everyone busy working behind the scenes of the grand scheme to make the world a better place. Our people are the moving pieces.”

Liz Fernando / Procurement Officer / Real Estate 

“I’m most excited for the change of scenery amongst friendly faces.” 

Crystal Maldonado / Project Manager / Technology Consulting 

“Being able to shoot people with my Nerf guns.”

David A. Ramirez / Designer / MarComm

“I’m excited about interaction with people, for sure. I generally consider myself an introvert, but–and I mean this in the nicest way possible–I cannot wait to be tired of being around people again. Oh, and I miss the chai lattes from the coffee shop.”

Derek Payton / Lead Software Developer / Ordrslip

“I can’t wait to see people that I want to work with and get away from my home distractions, like my phone and TV. Everyone at Bitwise motivates me to do better and I can’t wait to have that support back!”

Destiny Cedano / QA Lead / Tech Consulting

“I’m excited about seeing my friends in person! And having a cup of coffee in the cafe!”

Janelle Sanders / VP of Human Resources 

“Seeing the people I work with is at the top of my list. The hustle and bustle of the community we’re used to.”

Jeanine Olguin / Traffic Manager / MarComm

“I’m looking forward to being a part of the intense creative energy taking over our collective space in a fun and productive way because of this group of amazingly talented people (that I’ve met only on screen). I think we are always better together and there are some really great things ahead of us at Bitwise.” 

Jeff Rickels / Technical Writer / MarComm

“I’m just really excited to see HUMANS. Also working in a physical space with other people, and crossing paths with folks I wouldn’t necessarily be talking to otherwise. I’m mostly an introvert, but I really miss just hanging out with people in a shared workspace.” 

Joe Wheelock / Salesforce Administrator / Tech Consulting

“I’m looking forward to 1) claiming my desk space and decorating it 2) meeting all my Bitwise friends I’ve made remotely 3) and finally just feeling the Bitwise vibe. I’ve only seen and felt that vibe as a tenant—but to be part of it, I can only imagine the energy it gives you to be on the inside.” 

Julian Ramos / Events Coordinator / MarComm

“Though I’ve never actually worked in a Bitwise building, I’m generally most excited for moving back into more relational and less transactional modes of work, and believe that is connected to working in person at Bitwise. I’m also very excited about all the additional points of community engagement and access that exist when operating from a Bitwise location.” 

Karen Scott / Director of Bitwise Oakland 

“The energy in the Bitwise buildings is unlike any other workplace. The buzz of voices. The movement of people. Knowing that you’re in a place where big things are happening. That energy doesn’t exist in my living room! I can’t wait to be back together with the folks who make the magic happen! The magic can be created anywhere, but it’s more fun to make magic next to your pals!” 

Madison Shrader / Business Development Onboarding and Operations / Tech Consulting

“I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in person and feeling their energy. For me, entering a Bitwise building evokes a feeling of belonging, excitement, and unlimited possibilities. I’m really looking forward to sharing that space with awesome people.”  

Mo Rivera / Traffic Coordinator / MarComm 

“What I’m looking forward to most is the same thing I was looking forward to most when I was first hired—being surrounded by the world’s most beautiful people who continually inspire me daily. Zoom doesn’t do these souls justice. Zoom is for co-workers, not homies. Also, I’m excited for the beer fridge.” 

Randy Guerra / Media Producer / MarComm

“I’m most excited about getting away from my kids.” 

Anonymous Team Member 

“The vibe! I want the buildings to be humming and rockin’ and rolling! I want them filled with folks that are welcoming and crazy passionate about what they do! I. AM. PUMPED!!” 

Sandi Olguin / Chief Real Estate Officer (OREO)

“I miss seeing all my Bitwise pals. I don’t like working alone, so I’m most excited about greeting everyone in the coffee shop with the biggest smile—ready to welcome them back.”   

Stephanie Moreno / Student Success Specialist / Workforce Training 

“Obviously I’m most excited about seeing all the homies. And, just being able to walk back into the building, grab my cuppa Joe, bullsh*t with the baristas, and NOT just move from my bedroom to my office in my house.” 

Talisha Brantley / VP of Events / MarComm

“I’m most excited about refilling my mental reserve bank when work gets demanding by connecting with my people. Those little touch points throughout the day, like saying hello as we grab coffee, running into folks in the restroom, or sitting for a second longer together in a conference room after a work meeting. I’m excited to round out the meaningful work we’re doing with interpersonal relationships. The people that work at Bitwise really are some of the best humans around.” 

Tessa Williamson / Creative Director / MarComm

“I’m most excited about connecting with co-workers I haven’t met! We’ve worked together for over a year without the ability to connect in person. I want to eat tacos with everyone!”

Tina Robertson / VP of Government Partnerships 

“As far as work, I would say I’m most excited about collaborating in person. I think I took it for granted before because I didn’t realize how difficult it is to try to explain things strictly through words. Whereas, in person you can draw on a piece of paper, make hand movements, show things, etc. Of course there are ways around it, but it feels a lot more difficult over a video than being next to someone in the same room.” 

Vanessa Ceballos / Online Marketing Specialist / MarComm

“I’m looking forward to seeing new people (who were hired during the pandemic) experience the Bitwise culture and buildings. Also I’m excited about driving to work, seeing new/old faces, and making new memories! (And I miss Bitwise Bruce!)”

Vivi Sepulveda / Executive Assistant for CMO & MarComm Department 

As for myself (the gal writing these words), I miss collaborating with my fellow creatives. I want to spitball ideas in a room with a white board and a freshly delivered pizza. I want to spontaneously dance in the coffee shop when my jam comes on the Sonos. And I want to hear laughter over jokes made during an ideation session. I can’t wait for that.

We’re Ready For What’s Next

As you can see from the sentiments above, our team is eager to see what’s next for us as we return to work at all our Bitwise Industries locations. Granted, this is only a tiny cross section of our 550-person roster, we wanted to capture some of the positive thoughts giving us butterflies as we begin our transition back to in-person interactions. 
Our company grew 300+% over the span of the pandemic. We onboarded hundreds of team members remotely and watched from afar as many team members worked from exotic places around the world. (We even mastered remote team building!) Now we’re ready to come back. We probably won’t feel fully settled and semi-normal until next year, but we’ll get through it with a little help from our Bitwise friends.

We’re Excited to Hear From YOU

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This post was written by Celeste A. Barron, Content Development Manager for Bitwise Industries. You can find her STILL TRYING to perfectly sing the lyrics to Despacito.

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