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November 28, 2018

Unifying the Dance Community Through Technology

Dancing Toward Change

Technology is now changing the way the dance community interacts. We’re so proud to announce the launch of (Dancers Unified). Dancers Unified is a dynamic, web-based application that enables dancers of all ages and dance genres to be connected to dance opportunities locally, nationwide and eventually, worldwide. This unique web portal also enables verified dance recruiters, coaches, casting directors and choreographers to post opportunities and find dancers to fill open positions in their dance productions, movies and events. Additionally, colleges and studios can post dance scholarship and fellowship opportunities for young dancers interested in dancing in college and professionally.

“When I saw the opportunity to build Dancers Unified, I knew exactly what I wanted it to do,” said Becki Lorimer, Founder and CEO, Dancers Unified. “I came to Shift3 and they designed a platform from the ground up and even helped correct work done by others on the site to create a resource like nothing that ever existed before in the world of dance.”

The One and Only Platform for Dancers

Today, Dancers Unified is the only comprehensive online platform available for dancers to connect to coaches, jobs, auditions and scholarships in the realm of professional and amateur dance. Additionally, this platform acts as an evolving, scalable, living dance portfolio for dancers who want to archive or document their current and past work during their dancing careers.

“We’re thrilled to help make Dancers Unified a reality,” said Landon Brokaw, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at Shift3. “Dancers Unified is a great example of how Shift3 collaborates with clients to transform their vision of an online platform into tangible digital tools and a unique user experience that supports the dance community.”

The goal of Dancers Unified is to foster and promote dance at every level. Whether you’re a budding lyrical dancer of eight years old or a classically trained ballerina at nineteen years old, Dancers Unified wants to make sure those aspiring dancers get digital visibility in the amateur, competitive or professional dancing spaces nationwide and eventually worldwide.

About the App

Shift3 worked with Becki Lorimer for nine months to build a web application that included two user-friendly access points; one for dancers and one for coaches/recruiters/casting agents.

For dancers, the users needed the ability to create individual profiles, with functionalities that allowed users to upload their dance resumes, their dance photos and their dance videos.

For coaches, recruiters or casting agents, the users needed the ability to create profiles, upload their qualifications/resumes and also go through a secure, digital background check to make sure they’re fully vetted.

Fully dynamic and scalable, Dancers Unified also needed to process membership fees securely via a Stripe integration. Today is the official launch and already membership is exploding.

Get Connected to Dancers Unified

Learn more about Dancers Unified by clicking HERE.

Membership fees for dancers are $99/year or $12.50/month. Membership fees are free for coaches or recruiters. Background check required.

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