This year, we sent their Salesforce Implementation team to the 2019 Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco, California. Loving every minute of Salesforce-splosion, we asked one of our team members to share their first-hand account of their experience. Meet Roy Garcia. Read his story in his own words.

The Dreamforce Experience

By: Roy Garcia

What is Dreamforce? For anyone in the Salesforce ecosystem, Dreamforce is a must-attend event. If you’ve ever considered going but weren’t sure, the answer is YES! You should definitely go, especially because there are Free Expo Passes available if the Full Conference Pass seems too costly. (Costs typically range from $1,599 to $2,299.) Dreamforce is Salesforce’s annual conference for customers and partners to take the center stage in San Francisco. It’s less about Salesforce itself and more of a conference that gives everyone a platform to discuss topics from Salesforce technology to social issues that affect the world … and everything in between. This year’s conference took place November 19-22, in the heart of San Francisco’s Downtown District at the Moscone Center, with a beautiful view of Salesforce Tower.

Shift3’s Salesforce Implementation Cohort

Plan Accordingly

Our entire Salesforce Cohort attended the conference for the first time with solely the Free Expo Pass, a limited expo experience which occurs on the last two days of the conference. Though limited strictly to the expo, having access still offered so many opportunities for networking, trainings and a sense of community.

We took part in everything Salesforce related. For our trip, we planned ahead and booked an Airbnb and made use of the various public transportation, which made travel and navigating the city of San Francisco rather easy. As we arrived to pick up our badges, there was a really long line, but it went by fairly quickly. We were overwhelmed with the number of attendees—customers, partners and community members—over 170,000 people attended the four-day conference.

Map of all Dreamforce event activity in Downtown San Francisco

Trailblazing Through Dreamforce

We made our way through the Exhibit Halls. We focused on the Admin Forest for Admin/Trailhead mastery. Then, we headed to the Campground, for all App exchange partners and customers.

We happily met with various Salesforce Partners and Community members about their specific products, but more importantly we learned how they use Salesforce as a platform for change in their businesses. It was amazing having these one-on-one interactions because we were able to discuss current integrations we’ve actually implemented, integrations we’ve been considering, and finding alternate options. Not to mention all the cool swag from partners, and especially all the Official Salesforce Merchandise available at the Dream Store! Most of us purchased a new Trailblazer hoodie, along with other tech-related goodies. There were plenty of live demos, trainings, meditation sessions and keynotes highlighting the newest features and individuals making a difference in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Networking with CloudCoach

Share the Knowledge

In short, there was an abundance of valuable information, but we only had so much time. Luckily for us, we were able to experience Dreamforce as a group and share our findings afterwards.

If you’re interested in the full conference pass experience, you’ll be afforded even more access to live keynotes, networking with partners, free goodies, a huge concert event (this year was Jeff Beck and Fleetwood Mac), private events and two more days of the conference. Our manager was able to attend the full conference and shared with us the worthwhile knowledge we missed.

What It’s Worth

As overwhelming and hectic as the entire conference was, here’s what we got out of it:

  • A live look at everyone involved with Salesforce
  • Many insightful conversations with experts, partners and customers
  • Demonstrations of some of the newest features and technologies
  • Cool merch and swag (essential for any tech conference)
  • A sense of community and feeling that we can make an impact

Despite only being exposed to the Salesforce Platform for a short time, it was very important and eye-opening for our group to witness everyone involved with Salesforce and its ecosystem. Whether small startups, consulting partners or even the big-name tech companies, it felt like everyone was there!

We had plenty of questions and many individuals we met were excited to share and have meaningful conversations with us. Live demos, keynotes displaying the newest and latest technologies from Salesforce, and partner solutions with huge impacts on social change … it was an event to remember.

Networking within the Salesforce Ecosystem

Smiles and Swag

Everywhere we turned we found exclusive merchandise from partners, as well as Official Salesforce products. (If you missed out, they’re still available via the online Salesforce merch store.)

Lastly, we all felt welcomed to attend. We definitely envision ourselves attending again, potentially with full-access passes or even as partners hoping to make an impact in the space ourselves.The experience we had was a great one, especially because it was our first time.

Can’t wait for next year’s conference. See you at Dreamforce 2020!

Walking the streets of Downtown San Francisco near Moscone Center

Ask Us Anything!

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