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March 23, 2022

Bitwise Industries Gets a Bit Bigger

Esor Consulting Group Joins the Family

Adding a new member to the family is always exciting. Those new editions come in all shapes and sizes. From puppies to kittens, cars to kids, people love to share the good news with everyone who will listen. Bitwise Industries is ecstatic to introduce Esor Consulting Group as the newest acquisition to our ever-growing company.

Who’s the Guest of Honor?

Esor is a minority-owned Salesforce implementation consulting firm that serves educational institutions, nonprofits, and other organizations impacting their communities. Founded in 2018 they have worked with HBCUs and organizations like Hidden Genius and Black Cultural Zone to expand their impact, better connect with customers, and improve efficiency. Collectively the team at Esor has worked on over 100 projects. In 2021, Esor Consulting group completed 44 projects and went from supporting consulting partners to becoming one. Esor is a perfect example of how non-traditional tech talent can transform the industry, and their communities, when given the opportunity.

The Salesforce Nitty Gritty

When it comes to Salesforce, Esor has a proven track record of providing outstanding service using actionable and accessible data to help clients transform their organizations through Salesforce to connect all integrated functions on one platform. Their three-tiered approach relies on assessments, implementation, and support. 

Esor leverages their expertise to analyze a Salesforce org and compare it with Salesforce best practices in multiple areas. They review the business process and goals of each client to calibrate a Salesforce setup that streamlines the difficult daily processes and makes exceeding goals achievable. And finally, Esor continues to support the Salesforce needs of clients as their organizations grow and expand over time. 

What the Team Has to Say

As a company that creates a bridge between humans from underestimated communities and stories of systemic poverty to skills and resources necessary to access opportunities in the tech industry, everything starts with the individual person at Bitwise Industries. And Esor’s team alignment was obvious from the start.

The alignment between Bitwise and Esor Consulting Group was evident,” said . “Our mission is to support, and provide real-world experience to individuals of underrepresented backgrounds and Esor has been doing just that in the Salesforce ecosystem. We are excited to expand on the work that has already been done and welcome Esor’s experience, talent and vision into the Bitwise family.

Jake Soberal, CEO and co-founder, Bitwise Industries

As a Black-owned Salesforce business, we were intentional about the decision to join Bitwise. We are excited about what this means to the work we have been doing and the ability to scale our vision. As part of Bitwise we will be able to drive more diversity into tech by increasing the number of career onramps for those who would otherwise have been shut out.

Renaldo DaSilva, CEO and co-founder, Esor Consulting Group

Creating opportunities that help people of color land successful, high-paying tech jobs, is the best way to transform individual lives, and the make-up of the entire technology industry. Bitwise has a history of connecting people to high-wage, high-growth careers and with Esor joining the company, we will be able to serve more people than ever before.

Tiffany Spencer, COO and co-founder, Esor Consulting Group

Why This Matters

Esor uses talent from Tech Forward/HBCUforce to help develop the next generation of Salesforce consulting professionals. Every project completed with Esor gives someone the real-world experience they need to advance within the field. Tech Forward is a nonprofit organization that exposes marginalized communities to cloud and SaaS (software-as-a-service)-based technologies and careers paths to help participants be more marketable, obtain higher-paying jobs and career opportunities. 

In that same vein, Bitwise leverages public-private partnerships to provide paid apprenticeships to students to learn tech skills, connect them to meaningful tech opportunities, and build vibrant buildings in underestimated cities to house their work. By upskilling disenfranchised humans, it empowers them to change their own lives—which ignites and transforms the regional economies of the cities in which Bitwise serves.

This strategic acquisition marks another milestone to grow Bitwise’s mission-driven business nationally, and strengthens the company’s Salesforce offerings. Bitwise has raised more than $100M in support of this important work; expanded its model to serve five cities (Fresno, Bakersfield, Merced, Oakland, and Toledo); and built a tech apprenticeship engine that will drive national jobs and economic recovery in 2022. 

Let Us Help

Bitwise Industries specializes in custom software development, Contact Center-as-a-Service, and Salesforce implementation and administration. Our technology professionals have deep experience applying cutting-edge technology solutions to help business entities of all sizes navigate the technology landscape to find solutions to optimize their operations.

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This post was written by Jeff Rickels, Technical Writer for Bitwise Industries. When he’s not writing, he’s pre planning his St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Now that this year’s revelry has come to an end, there’s a good chance he’ll dust off this classic movie to see Sean Connery sing (kinda) and bask in one of the greatest practical trick scenes imaginable in a movie from 1959.

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