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September 9, 2022

Celebration of Ethical Leadership Award

Bitwise Industries Receives Significant Honor

Leadership. It feels like the definition is simple: the action of leading a group of people or an organization. That’s how the dictionary spells it out. However, throughout history, scholars have strived to synthesize the perfect prose that details the attributes held by the world’s greatest leaders. Instead of a world full of leaders, we have shelves lined with books proclaiming what a leader looks like and prescribes the necessary methods for one to get there. But honest, compassionate, and ethical leaders who work hard to influence others through action and inspiration are rare. Fortunately, Bitwise Industries has quite a few. It’s not by accident. And others are taking note. 

Bitwise Industries is this year’s recipient for the 2022 Ethics Award for Marketplace Excellence (Large Business Category). This award is given to an organization that exemplifies leadership and ethics throughout the organization’s entire platform. Being recognized as a company with a strong track record of ethical leadership is one thing, however achieving that lofty place does not magically happen. It requires thoughtful planning and teamwork, a firm vision for the future, and patience. Lots and lots of patience. Read on to peek behind the curtain and see how Bitwise Industries got there, why it matters, and how they work to maintain that ethical position of leadership.

Ethics: The Higher Standard

With a goal of advancing ethics and trust in the marketplace, the Better Business Bureau joined forces with California State University, Fresno to review candidates, deliberate independently, and celebrate those organizations that promote ethical leadership and integrity at a high level within their organization to the benefit of their clients and community. The panel of judges score nominees based on the following criteria:

  • The commitment to higher ethical standards and how it is applied to the business practice.
  • The programs or training(s) that help employees foster ethical practices and/or customer service policies.    
  • Feedback from customers, vendors and/or suppliers that provide an example of an action that demonstrates service above what is expected. 
  • The list of policies or procedures that are designed to give long-term value to customers and/or vendors.
  • Examples of marketing, advertising, communications, and/or sales practices which reflect an honest representation of what is being offered to customers/clients.
  • Examples of internal practices that benefit employees and contribute to the overall business efficiency/effectiveness.  
  • Awards or recognitions by media or community groups.

Bitwise Industries delivers world-class technology solutions to public and private enterprises around the globe. Accomplishing a consistent level of quality work begins with in-depth client conversations to understand the scope of work, the desired goals and outcomes, and to communicate deliverables. 
Once both teams have reached alignment on the method for delivering successful outcomes during this discovery process, Bitwise deploys the scalable solutions required to exceed expectations throughout each point of the customer journey. Continuous communication and transparency are the benchmarks to Bitwise’s ability to navigate obstacles and deliver the exact technology and functionality clients seek. They expect the best for their clients, and encourage clients to expect the best from them. That’s their higher standard.

The Trick is Training

To maintain the high quality of ethical work beyond the initial onboarding process, Bitwise continuously provides employees with opportunities to grow their technical skills well. It’s critical to have an eye on the future of technology trends and practices to further client support. To do this, Bitwise holds weekly training sessions where developers research new technologies and present those solutions to one another. This level of constant training shows the tangible value that Bitwise maintains for the benefit of employees while inherently creating positive long-term outcomes for clients.

By providing the space to regularly present new technologies, a unique synergy is created between developers and their ability to provide improved client support. As developers expand their technical knowledge and coding language base, their ability to clearly communicate with those external partners organically keeps client needs at the forefront of the developer department’s thinking. When the developers consider the client’s needs all the time, the delivered technology typically surpasses expectations.

This proactive approach to the process intrinsically serves the client, as well as, builds a strong foundation for that employee to find their personal confidence in expanding their technical expertise by articulating needs and opportunities to their team, supervisors, and clients. Of course, Bitwise builds software, but the stated goal is to serve people.

“We needed a custom development resource that was willing to embed a developer on our team in-house. The person assigned to our project had a lot of experience, not just programming skills; they had some design and some architectural skills in doing things, like even helping us run a load analysis up front on the application.”

Eric Schrader–Chief Customer Officer, Betterworks

The Long-term Value

A long-standing policy and procedure at Bitwise Industries is the 30-day user acceptance phase. What is that? Before a project is finalized, customer’s have 30 days to test every aspect of the custom technology to make sure they understand it, that the platform runs smoothly for them, and it meets their needs based on the agreed upon scope of work. When all of the standards are met, the project is certified and signed off as completed. At that point, the project (e.g., website or app) receives the green light to go live and a second phase of 30-day testing is instituted. This additional period of time gives Bitwise and their customers the ability to assess the viability and functionality of the project in real time under the stress of day-to-day user operation. 

This component of the process is vital to the overall success of the project because it provides a layer of reassurance and confidence for clients. During this second phase it is important for clients to know that they have complete support from Bitwise during the launch of their technology to assess the project, correct any issues, and ensure that the client is equipped to manage their new project on their own. For additional support, Bitwise offers a maintenance service contract to provide additional peace of mind and continued support to the long-term value of the project for the client.

“We had the idea to create a classroom funding platform so schools could ask their communities for resources directly. Bitwise Industries Technology Services took our vision and made a tangible, beautiful, efficient website with the potential to help schools, teachers and students excel.”

John-Paul Lake–Co-founder Beyond Measure

People are the Pillars

Bitwise Industries operates on honesty, truthfulness, and transparency. Leading by example is the priority and upholding these ethical standards throughout the company is the expectation. This foundation is at the core of the consistent communications that take place with clients and the internal Bitwise team; each holding the other accountable on a daily basis. When the people embrace this mantra of ethical leadership, processes are streamlined, obstacles are quickly resolved, and expectations are ultimately delivered.

Leadership is a team effort, and the other awards Bitwise Industries recently received are just a reflection of those continued efforts: International Stevie Award 2020, North America Inspiring Workplaces Awards 2020, and the Webby Award 2021. Of course, being recognized for excelling at the things that are hard is a great accomplishment, but shiny trophies on the shelf are not the end all. The real achievement is enriching the lives of the clients, customers, constituents, and staff that are served through the efforts of Bitwise Industries.

“Take Care was created to answer the call for our community. We were made to stand up and help our neighbors. We knew Bitwise Industries Technology Services had the technology, expertise and resources to provide us with the tools we needed to reach our community and help them when and where they needed during a difficult time. We are determined to take care of each other in a new way and Bitwise Technology Consulting showed us how to get there.”

Channelle Charest–CEO, Take Care

Let Us Help

Bitwise Industries specializes in custom software development, Salesforce implementation and administration, and Contact Center-as-a-Service. Our technology professionals have deep experience applying cutting-edge technology solutions to help entities of all sizes navigate the technology landscape to find solutions to optimize their operations.

This post was written by Jeff Rickels, Technical Writer for Bitwise Industries. When he’s not writing, he’s wondering what the deepest infrared image of a few billion years of star clusters and galaxies looks like. Fortunately, the James Webb Telescope is taking care of it. Phew!

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