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March 20, 2020

The Secret To Saving Time is a Formula


There are many tips, tricks, and hacks to make Salesforce a great user experience. One of those tricks is creating a URL link in a record page. Creating a URL link in a record page saves time and helps provide a better overall experience for the end user.

Let’s begin by discussing why you would want to create a URL link in a record page. Salesforce is a huge platform that can integrate with other third-party systems. When these systems integrate, a user will need to access additional information from another website or application to create their customized experience.

Integrations allow Salesforce users to be able to access unique company records and see these important details in Salesforce. For example, an integration with Stripe, a tech company that allows companies to use their software to accept payments, will allow the Salesforce user to utilize custom-made fields to access company records that have particular URL links with important details. Creating custom-made fields, allows the user to have full access to important company details with one click of their mouse.

Y Important?

This is important because without these URL links, the user would have to follow a time-consuming list of steps to obtain this specific information. The user would have to log into the third-party app, find and copy the corresponding Salesforce record, then the user would need to log into Salesforce to find the matching record. Not only is this inefficient, but this process could also be unsuccessful if performed incorrectly. An unsuccessful attempt of this process would leave the user without their needed information and would force the user to repeat the steps until successful. These steps can be easily avoided by creating and adding URL links in Salesforce. Furthermore, URL links contain all of the system information for each system in one secure convenient location.

Salesforcing You to Work Easier

A primary reason why companies implement Salesforce is to make their work easier and efficient. With this simple trick of creating a formula field to create a URL link in a record, users don’t have to worry about information matching or missing; they can ensure data will be in sync throughout the systems. This has a positive impact on an end user by reducing their workload and impacts companies by improving availability of data by having it all in one system!

Now what you have been waiting for, how do we create this magical creation?

Under the object related to the third-party app, you want to create a formula field:

Next, input your formula!

Give your field a relevant name compared to the URL link. For this example, we will use ‘Customer’ and the formula return type be text:

Use the functions on the right side of the page to add the hyperlink text.

Next, you will need to add the actual sites URL from which you will get the information. Make sure you use the correct page and then add the corresponding fields. You can input your fields from the advance formula section.

Here is the formula example in text:

HYPERLINK(“”& Customer_ID__c   ,


You can check the syntax to make sure it’s correct, and then proceed with the next steps. Be sure to add it to the correct page layouts!

And you’re done! A formula can save so much time for your end user!


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This post was written by Melissa Varela, a Salesforce projects team member, teacher at heart and believer that Salesforce truly makes people’s lives easier. 

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