Geekwise Honored by City of Fresno for Improving Lives of Individuals with Disabilities



On Oct. 11, Geekwise was awarded the Organization Achievement Award by the City of Fresno Disability Advisory Commission (DAC) for its efforts to empower deaf and hard of hearing individuals with coding skills.


When it came to Geekwise’s attention that deaf and hard of hearing individuals were not being well-served by the traditional teaching approaches, the organization took the initiative to find ways to offer access to the dot com world.


“The services that Geekwise offers have been essential in allowing deaf and hard of hearing individuals with opportunities to learn skills that they could not learn anywhere else. Geekwise’s advocacy and support for individuals with disabilities sets them apart from any other tech educators,” said Rosemary Wanis, California State University, Fresno, Communicative Sciences and Deaf Studies and Devin Puente, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, California Department of Rehabilitation, who nominated Geekwise for the award.


The coding skills taught at Geekwise empower the deaf and hard of hearing to become independent entrepreneurs and open up a world of opportunities for them to obtain vibrant careers.


“We work hard to ensure that our classes, content and environment are accessible and inclusive. Geekwise is committed to equity and access and will continue to explore new and innovative ways to support workplace learning for people with disabilities,” said Bethany Mily, CEO, Geekwise.


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