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January 14, 2021

Hashtag Member Spotlight: Carley Feil

Carley Feil has been Hashtag’s Cowork Captain for the past three and half years. Whether she’s organizing special events, hanging out with Hashtag members, or cooking up a storm of waffles, we love and appreciate all she does for our cowork community! Carley is moving onto new adventures with the Bitwise Team, and wanted to take a moment to recognize her and all she’s done for the Hashtag community with a special member spotlight.

We love you Carley, and we’ll miss you! Come visit soon!

Where are you from?

Bakersfield, California 

How long have you been with Bitwise/Hashtag?

I’ve been with Bitwise/Hashtag for 3 ½ years! 

Where are you transitioning to?

I am now the Product Officer of Tatstat. Tatstat is a product company under Bitwise Industries that is a management solution for the tattoo industry. Tatstat, is a mobile application that streamlines and manages each aspect of the tattoo process. Our app has the ability to communicate with clients, book appointments, payments, exchange images, and take notes. Give us a follow on Instagram to stay updated! 

How has Hashtag contributed to your success?

Honestly, where do I start? Being the Community Catalyst at Hashtag I have got to meet hundreds of people. Regularly, I’d tour individuals and get to learn about their industry, where they’re from, and what drives them. I’ve met folks who would purchase a day pass to Hashtag who were just traveling through; I would be able to share about Fresno, where to eat, what to do while they’re in town and learn the same about them. I’ve even met someone who ended up helping me train to get my blue belt in Jiu-jitsu! 

What would you want a prospective Hashtag Member to know?

If you end up using Hashtag for just the space, you’ll have a fantastic work environment. Wonderful natural light, beautiful conference rooms with everything you need, comfy chairs, and two floors with different places to sit. However, if you choose to also connect with folks while you’re in Hashtag, the benefits are huge. What sets coworking apart from any other office is that you’re able to have a different set of “coworkers” every day. Each day you go is an opportunity to meet someone new and expand your network. Take a chance and put yourself out there!

In the past, what was your favorite Hashtag event?

At our previous location in Hotel Virginia, Jameson Henkle, Co-Founder of Tower Yoga, led a kombucha workshop. It was $25 and you got your own starter kit along with learning how to brew your own batch. I was able to brew many batches of kombucha after that! Blueberry mint was my favorite. 

What is something that surprised you about Hashtag as it has grown?

One of the cooler things that began to happen was being out and about and seeing Hashtag stickers on people’s laptops and water bottles. Every time I see a Hashtag sticker I am reminded that our community is legit. We cheer each other on every single day. Our members are proud of their space. 

If you could add one thing to Hashtag, what would it be?

Can we have a built-in taco bar? Fresh carne asada, salsa, warm tortillas, 24/7. 

What’s one of your favorite Hashtag memories?

Back in July/August 2019, I was a part of the rebranding process for Hashtag! I got to work with the Bitwise Brand team, who are LEGIT. I was on Spotify ads, three billboards across Fresno, and the bright Manchester billboard sign on the Freeway 41, and did numerous videos with Gordon, Bitwise’s videographer. Not only did they put me and Hashtag out in front of the world, but we had over 150 new members in such a quick time span. It was awesome! 

Is there anything you’d like to say to Hashtag members as you transition into your new position?

I’ll miss you! But I’m also always down to chat! Reach out any time via email at [email protected] 🙂