Capture Memories to Last a Lifetime with Holiday Magic

Who doesn’t want magic during the holidays?

The holiday season is here once again — and what better way to bring on the merriment than touting a super cool holiday custom application we helped build?

Meet Holiday Magic Studios. You’ll find this self-contained holiday photo experience in Fresno shopping centers or plazas during various holiday seasons. This kiosk-based web application is part of a system we helped develop where users can either sign up on site or online to book an appointment to have their holiday photos taken. When we say “holiday,” we don’t just mean the Christmas season. You’ll also find Holiday Magic Studios up and running during Easter and Halloween.

Any customer who wants holiday photos taken of or with their loved ones can visit to schedule their photo session on this fast and convenient system. And though the entire experience is automated for expediency, there are still actual humans managing the photography … and you’ll even find a real-life Santa Claus!

Tiny House, Big Software

Customers access Holiday Magic Studios at various locations. Currently, they’re set up at River Park Shopping Center, ready for the Christmas season. The photo experience is located in a tiny, festively decorated house, where customers can walk right up to an online kiosk to book their session.

Each user has an opportunity to create an account and schedule their appointment via the online kiosk. After the photo session is complete, they can also view or purchase photo packages directly from the kiosk. Users can peruse all the photos taken to add to their purchase package; after chosen, the photos are mailed from a separate fulfillment center to the address associated with the customer’s profile.

Reviewing and choosing the photos you want in an easy, automated way is what makes Holiday Magic Studios so convenient. With a few clicks and swipes at the kiosk, your memories are as good as in your mailbox.

The House Software that Shift3 Built

What makes Holiday Magic Studios truly unique is that they’ve automated the entire photo experience (save for the real life Santa and helper elf managing the booth). Customers no longer have to endure a sometimes time-consuming process to schedule an appointment via a phone call or a first-come-first-serve process. Additionally, photos can be printed at home; no need to wait for them to arrive in the mail. Though the process allows customers to capture memories fast and easy, developing the software was anything but that.

Holiday Magic Studios was a complex system to build out, as there were several components to consider. The kiosk software was built using Angular with a .NET wrapper, while the user website was built using Angular 4. Other factors woven into this build were the QR check-in to track appointments, payment interface via a card swiper (which utilizes a Mag-tech API with Stripe), an uploader to handle image processing (and uploading into the account system), and developing the website portal where users created their accounts. Our Shift3 team spent four months on this build, and continue to augment and update the software as needed to accommodate the growth of the client’s business.

Bring on the Magic

Should you want to capture memories this holiday season, be sure to check to schedule your appointment. Once the appointment is booked, you’ll be assigned a QR code for your photo sitting.

When you arrive at the Holiday Magic Studios Tiny House, you’ll be greeted by Santa’s Helper. Just display your QR code and your photo experience will begin. When completed, you’ll be able to easily review photos and make purchases via the website portal. Easy as that. No more waiting in lines to capture those memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

This particular experience keeps the human element of a live Santa with the convenience of automation to make the process smooth and easy.

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