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January 18, 2019

Israeli Ag-Tech Startup Fieldin Finds U.S. Home at Bitwise


Fieldin, a startup founded in Israel, has made its U.S. headquarters in downtown Fresno at the Bitwise Hive. The company develops state-of-the-art technologies to make the most effective, and smart, farms.


“We visited Fresno for the first time in 2016 and were walking down Van Ness when we came across the Bitwise South Stadium Building. It really stood out from all the other buildings in downtown,” said Adam Ingram, Director of Business and Finance, Fieldin. “We could feel the momentum and felt that Bitwise was building something very unique in downtown Fresno. We knew that this was the place for our first U.S. office.”


Fieldin was founded in 2013 and after expanding into multiple international markets including Argentina, Australia, and South Africa, the company wanted to make a U.S. foothold with ties to California’s agricultural heart. Fieldin recognized the excitement that Bitwise was creating in downtown Fresno around the tech industry and wanted to be a part of that energy.


“We know, some of our employees decided to work with us because of our innovative and vibrant working space within the Bitwise Hive. Since moving into the Bitwise building, we have doubled in size and the company shows no signs of slowing this rapid growth,” Ingram said. “In fact, we’re actively hiring if you are interested in joining a company that is revolutionizing the way the world farms.”


Fieldin’s field intelligence platform helps growers manage and optimize pesticide applications, harvest activities and other critical field operations. Using their proprietary sensors and mobile-friendly software, Fieldin’s technology seamlessly connects tractors, machinery and in-field sensors to provide managers with actionable data that improves production, transparency and efficiency in the field.


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