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December 2, 2021

How Do You Maximize ROI from Mobile Apps?

Three Success Stories

My mom can cook. Bold, I know. Businesses of any size who question the ROI of a mobile app can follow my mom’s cooking advice; “don’t overthink it, put good in and get good out.” If you partner with the right technology experts, like Bitwise Industries, you’ll get good out. Three of our clients did just that and now business is booming. From consumer awareness in the ag industry, to a real estate digital revolution, and then automating the tattoo industry, read on to see how they did it. 

Connecting Farmers to Consumers

Since 1982, Sinclair has pioneered the labeling process found on fruits and vegetables across 45 countries around the world. Their groundbreaking system complies with all requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union (EU). Sinclair realized a two-fold problem: growers needed to keep up with the increasing demand for food data and transparency, while consumers found themselves with an overwhelming number of options in the stores and little-to-no produce information available beyond the price per pound on the display stand. Sinclair worked with Bitwise Industries to develop a smartphone app (iOS and Android) that allowed growers to upload the necessary content about their products–extending their brand and reach–while consumers could easily scan the label on an item to reveal the variety, size, ID number, and country of origin of that individual piece of fruit or vegetable. 

This app connects farmers and consumers in a new and engaging way while further differentiating Sinclair in their marketplace with a value-added new marketing channel. 

The New Digital Standard in Real Estate

Listing Alert is an app that is revolutionizing the real estate industry for brokerages. Prior to this exciting launch, brokerages would gather their sales teams in a conference room to look at a large white board to review the upcoming and current listings. Agents would jot down their notes, take a picture of the board and get on to their day. If a change was made, or a new listing was added to the board, they might miss out on that opportunity. This inefficient marketing tactic was hampering sales efforts and slowing the overall sales cycle down considerably. Bitwise created a custom, mobile SaaS app that instantly notified all of the agents in the brokerage of any new pre-listings. It put the white board in the palm of their hand, updated the status of each listing in real time, included all of the listing details, and allowed agents to sit with potential buyers to match their wants and needs to exclusive listings held within the brokerage.

This app is compliant with all national standards, gives brokers a new digital tool to keep their agents completely informed, allows them to spend more time in the field, and gives sellers the opportunity to sell their homes much faster–potentially before their home even hits the MLS.

Tattoo Artists Get Automated

Right now 46% of Americans have at least one tattoo. However, the tattoo industry has not seen too many advances on the technology side; until TatStat. The old-school process of booking appointments, interviewing clients, and collecting payments took away from the artist’s ability to focus on their art. And subtracting client time in the chair for management duties kept money out of the artist’s pocket. The TatStat co-founders realized the tattoo world would benefit greatly from an upstart application focused on automating the steps that were cumbersome and time consuming. Bitwise helped TatStat create a mobile app that was for tattoo artists, by tattoo artists. This forward-thinking app allows artists to book appointments, collect payments, tie-in social media posts, and send appointment reminders by using a simple dashboard on theTatStat platform. Additionally, clients can conveniently schedule video consultations to save an extra trip to the studio. 

The automated features of this app frees up more time for the artist to “work” while minimizing miscommunication, maximizing the overall experience for artist and client, and increases incoming revenue overall. 

Define Your Return

When working to maximize the value of your mobile app, we need to define the “return.” It is different for every situation. Of course, seeking a mobile app solution can be based on increased earnings and profit. However, the real value of a mobile app might not lead with a profit-driven exterior. Oftentimes, it’s the creation of a tool that alleviates a pain point for customers, clients, or staff. Maybe the app’s focus is generating sales leads, promoting customer satisfaction, or providing a great new customer engagement experience. Uncovering that attention-drawing key feature is the crux behind any good mobile app. 

And let’s not overlook the term mobile. It’s a lot more than games like Candy Crush. Thriving organizations leverage every facet of a mobile device because people actively use them on average for five hours a day. We’re talking about emails, texts, chats, SMS, social sites, videos, and everything else. Those hours looking down at our phones are moments of total engagement in short bursts. Wouldn’t you like to hold your customers’ undivided attention to provide them with a positive experience opportunity, more information about your brand, or unique insights or offerings? Bitwise Industries helps our clients do just that; garner valuable consumer engagement across multiple mobile opportunities. Let’s look at a few of our highlights. 

Mobile Sales Trend Upward

According to Statista, more than 10% of all retail sales transactions in the US will happen through mobile commerce by 2025. That is up 7% from 2018. Whatever your mobile app needs are, there are professionals who can customize the perfect solution that balances user value with business requirements. They will help you prioritize necessary features through an actionable plan that will outline the development process, uncover any marketing considerations, and detail the maintenance required to maximize your definition of ROI. Don’t overthink it. Good in is good out. (Just like mom always says.)

Let Us Help

Bitwise Industries specializes in custom software development, Contact Center-as-a-Service, and Salesforce implementation and administration. Our technology professionals have deep experience applying cutting-edge technology solutions to help entities of all sizes navigate the technology landscape to find solutions to optimize their operations.

If you’re interested in uncovering the tech possibilities available to your organization or want to find more ways to increase your ROI with technology, click this link to schedule some time with one of our experts. 

This post was written by Jeff Rickels, Technical Writer for Bitwise Industries. When he’s not writing, he’s wondering about all of the great writers who work so diligently to edit their own work. It’s one of the hardest things to

If you’re interested in uncovering the tech possibilities available to your organization or want to find more ways to increase your ROI with technology, click this link to schedule some time with one of our experts.