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March 25, 2021

The Magic of Pardot for Salesforce

Using Pardot to Find Your ‘Money Beets’

“First rule in road-side beet sales, put the most attractive beets on top. The ones that make you pull the car over and go, ‘Wow. I need this beet right now.’ Those are the money beets.”

Dwight Schrute

Even if you don’t like beets, Dwight Schrute from The Office has a good point about how to sell them. Marketing takes a lot of work—hopefully—working to drive demand for a business so everyone can keep working.

Before we turn the beet around, what exactly is Pardot? Simply put, Pardot is a lead generation and nurturing system. A Salesforce product (it’s part of the Marketing Cloud), Pardot enables organizations to track and measure the effectiveness of their communications, gain insight into user behavior, and personalize content across campaigns based on any number of specific criteria. Using this platform, you can be confident that you’re communicating with the right person at the right time with the right tone. (So you can produce those money beets.)

This can be daunting for a small or mid-market business without a lot of budget and time to waste on the “hopefully” parts. Someone has to learn the process, the tools, and the unique elements of your customers as they compose the recipe to cook up great demand and sales. Pardot is a tool that can make that job easier by sending interactive emails—like an email blast—and nurture emails that are planned and created in advance and sent out on a schedule. Kind of like signing up for a magazine subscription.

What if you could get the learning required in a low-risk way while firing up the best word-of-mouth sales engine you have? That would be your team working every day to make your business grow. They often only know a portion of the business and don’t consider themselves salespeople. However, they love educating and helping people, resolving cases, and pointing others to future events. They even love sharing the founder’s story about starting in a garage.

If that isn’t sales, I don’t know what is. 

Using Pardot with your own team can help you gather valuable info and learn the tool at the same time so you can bring in the bacon. So let’s see if this might be a good place to start—and be more tasty than beets on your burger (thanks Australia!).

Why Using Pardot Internally Works

Three reasons why your first Pardot nurture program should be to your own team:

1. Learn and churn ideas (and failures) on a trusted, low-risk audience

By starting with your own team you can create and experiment with static and dynamic lists, automation rules, nurture programs, landing page forms, dynamic content, A/B testing, and lots of other good stuff in Pardot on a safe audience who won’t opt out of your messages.
Experiment with various form factors, validate your analytics, and tighten up your Salesforce CRM integration and actions as your team follows through on the CTAs designed for them.

Best of all, you can gather their honest feedback and change what doesn’t work before starting your customer programs.

2. Creating a knowledgeable and inspired team can build a marketing army.

This process isn’t just smoke and mirrors but a real campaign to your own team. You may want to create a nurture program for onboarding new team members to your values, for sharing product updates with the new release, or for highlighting a recruiting promotion available to all staff.

It is vital that the same rigor you would give to your customer programs is present here and that your team recognizes this in their experience. This is the best way to ensure your team learns the tools properly without skipping critical steps just because it’s your team. Imagine the value your team will realize when you’ve treated them as your first customer in sharing this valuable information using your best tools and techniques.

The improved insights and inspiration your team will gain will make an impact on every customer and partner interaction. Your sales army will be equipped with the latest and greatest information on what makes the company amazing to both celebrate and share. They may not like beets but they’ll know why others do and why they taste so good on a burger!

3. Improve culture, values, and message alignment to build a growth engine.

Beyond product and event info, keeping a regular nurture program for your team related to the culture, values, and messaging can pay off significantly—especially if you leverage outsourced service, sales, or support teams. If you are in a compliance-related industry like financial services or healthcare this is even more critical as saying the wrong things (that you think are right!) can still be costly.

Pardot nurture campaigns can act as a learning lab while you figure out how to use all those amazing tools. Then your team starts rowing the boat in the same direction inspired by the same drum beat toward a big team win.

In today’s social media echo chamber, a few negative comments can harm your reputation quickly. You need to put your best foot forward. Marketing is often the most visible part of a business and Pardot can power significant parts of it. As you start out or grow, there is a great opportunity to learn, avoid potential blunders, and inspire an aligned team at the same time.

“Those are the money beets.”

We Can Help You Find Your Money Beets

At Bitwise Technology Consulting, we use a consultative approach to determine the best strategy to identify your Salesforce challenges, implement appropriate solutions and enhance your systems. We’d also love to help you implement your Salesforce strategies surrounding Pardot. Need to rekindle your users’ love for Salesforce? Check out this 5-minute read. For a free consultation, click here. 

This post was guest written by Jon Cline, a farm-raised foster-kid turned #FounderKid, father of three, a Salesforce trail guide for growing trailblazers, and partners at

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