March 11, 2019

Row, Row, Row Your App

A Rowing Machine Game Changer

Shift3 is over-the-moon to announce the launch of Row Forge, an app to provide athletes at every level personalized training programs. This mobile app demonstrates how technology can scale a single personal trainer into a mobile workout platform with the potential to train millions at a time.

The Row Forge app developed by Shift3 connects users to personalized workouts through Bluetooth-enabled, Indoor Concept2 rowing machines and their smartphones. Row Forge combines cutting-edge technology with research-based cardio training programs to create a scalable platform that can be used worldwide.

From Training One-on-one to Training One-on-millions

“Scaling any business is a difficult undertaking, especially if you can only work one-on-one with clients – that’s why I turned to Shift3,” said Wayne Harlan, CEO, Row Forge. “The Row Forge mobile app makes it possible for me to scale from individual transactions, to a service that reaches millions of potential customers.”

CEO Wayne Harlan has been a personal trainer for 11+ years. After studying the importance of cardiovascular health through rowing, he began creating algorithms to help train his clients in healthier and more effective ways. He wanted to put those algorithms into an app that could be personalized and shared with more fitness-minded clients.

There are 11 million rowers in the United States alone. There’s also a booming rowing market in Europe. An app like this could really revolutionize personal training in ways Pelaton has been affecting indoor cycling and running.

Helping Entrepreneurs Scale Their Business

“Building a scalable piece of technology backed by industry expertise and targeted market analysis is Shift3’s bread and butter,” said JP Prendergast, Sr. Business Development Manager, Shift3. “Mobile applications that allow small businesses, sole proprietors and specialized service providers the ability to grow quickly, in new locations with clients they’ve never met face-to-face is a game changer. Row Forge leverages Wayne’s 11+ years of fitness training and experience to create something truly unique in the fitness world.”

The challenge with a business like personal training is that there are only so many hours in the day to fit in one-on-one clients. If Wayne trained with one client every hour for five days a week, he’s capping his clientele numbers at around 40 per week. With the new Row Forge app, he can personalize workouts for an unlimited number of clients/subscribers. Helping those with active lifestyles reach their fitness goals through effective cardiovascular workouts is Wayne’s ultimate goal. This app is ideal for collegiate rowers, crossfitters, Olympians or Olympic athletes that are serious about training. Or, if you’re an ordinary person with a Concept2 Rower who wants better overall heart health.

Ignite the Forge

To use Row Forge, simply download the app for free by visiting or iTunes. The app is downloadable for free, which includes a conditioning program that is scalable and personalized. If subscribers enjoy the free conditioning program, they’re invited to purchase an extensive subscription at $9.99 per month. An annual subscriber package will be $99.99.

Learn more about Row Forge by clicking here.

Download the app for free at the Apple Store. The app is expected to be available in the coming weeks.

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