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February 9, 2023

Salesforce Spring ‘23 Release

What You Need To Know

For the Salesforce aficionados out there who were just getting comfortable with the Winter ‘23 Salesforce updates, prepare yourselves. Spring is coming. Yes indeed, the  Salesforce Spring ‘23 Release is just about ready to roll out, and there’s a lot to unpack. Who doesn’t love combing through a massive color coded excel PDF file detailing all 676 aspects of a tech company’s enhanced software rollout? Fortunately, Bitwise Industries is here to help. As the premier Salesforce solution provider in the Central Valley, we’re excited to share these updates and help your business continue to efficiently leverage digital solutions.

Supported Browsers and Devices

Salesforce software is one of the most powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tools on the planet. Their automated CRM software allows your businesses to seamlessly interact with customers, and collect and organize data to effectively communicate. Since 2016, Salesforce Lightning, or Lightning for short, has been the operating system of choice for users due to its modern, user-friendly and customizable interface that can now be accessed through more web browsers, as well as the Salesforce mobile application. Lightning is not supported on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge (Non Chromium) web browsers, so it’s a good practice for organizations to frequently update their browsers to allow for more compatibility to run complex data storing softwares like Lightning. Older browsers aren’t guaranteed to support all of the new features included in the spring update. Learn more about supported browsers

New Administrator Tools

“I really love building complex automations. Since the beginning of Bitwise, the Salesforce team has been making automations for internal use, using Workflow rules and Process builder. Both of which will be retiring soon. In the new release, Salesforce has upgraded the “Migrate to Flow Tool” to include Processes from Process builder. Flows can do everything a Process can do and a lot more, so this new function will make it easier for us to update our dozens of Processes without too much stress.”

Marcel Haynes (He/Him) – Salesforce Administrator, Bitwise Industries

The new Migrate To Flow Tool is there to help your Salesforce Administrators make the transition to Flow Builder, so your business will be able to streamline processes by implementing this new resource to convert Process Builder tasks into flows, in combination with an organization’s previously defined workflow rules. 

Workflow is one of those words that you often hear in corporate settings. But in case  you’re wondering, it’s defined as a series of activities needed to complete a task relevant to the workplace. An automated workflow means that those tasks are being completed automatically with the help of A.I. and pre-programmed parameters, also known as workflow rules.

The Spring ‘23 release updates will be applicable for Lightning and Salesforce Classic throughout all customized user softwares including Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions, and only supports record-triggered processes. Custom events and custom invocable type processes are not supported. As well as processes containing scheduled actions like metadata types, and field traversals. Learn more about the Migrate to Flow Tool.

Supported Actions Include:

  • Record update
  • Record create
  • Invoke flow
  • Invoke Apex
  • Email alert

General Enhancements

Lightning users can expect Multi-factor authentication and auto-enablement for faster logins to begin in Spring ‘23. New and improved enhancements for booking appointments on Salesforce will help to ensure that your business is making the most out of every minute. Get more information tailored to your team’s workflow with updated filters like the new Einstein Search option in the Search Manager. However, this is just scratching the surface in regards to the new updates your Salesforce savvy business can expect. Read on to learn more about the general enhancements and updates that will affect the entire Salesforce landscape this spring. 

Streamlined emails
This welcomed update will reduce the number of emails crowding your inbox. Salesforce has updated the “Release is Live” email preference and discontinued “Features Enabled” emails.

Limit the maximum number of tabs during Lightning console session
This update focuses on improving memory usage and responsiveness during console sessions in Salesforce Lightning. If users exceed the limit during a console session, the feature will automatically delete the least used tabs until the limit is reached.

Log in with more domain formats
Improved domains and partitioned domains change the format of the login URLs for  Salesforce-based organizations and their websites. To aid with shorter log in times, users can gain access with a custom domain on the, and site.


Knowing how to effectively analyze and integrate incoming data is the name of the game for any CRM-based business. Customized Salesforce Lightning reports with unique filters based on user preferences allow for more engagement. Fully automated updates and well organized data flow is a vital tool for any organization operating in the modern digital landscape.

CRM Analytics
Templated apps make life easier with perfectly choreographed data refreshes, automated upgrades, and simplified dashboard actions allowing easier single-click user navigation.

Reports and Dashboards
Lightning reports and dashboards featuring new customized user features are more pertinent and engaging. Streamlined dashboard filters, improved data organization, and user-friendly image and text widgets makes it easier than ever for your organization to digest CRM data and improve overall performance.   


Standardize your organization’s sales resource management and close deals faster with advanced operational and productivity features. Users interested in Revenue-related data can familiarize themselves with our new feature called Account Discovery. Teams can use Einstein Conversation Insights to confirm if their programs are changing how sales representatives interact with customers, or take the dynamic Activity Composer for a spin where everything is just one click away. 

Core Sales Features
This new feature allows you to integrate your enterprise with improved forecasts, and monitoring platforms. Determine if your sales reps’ compensation needs to be adjusted based on the covered territory when you track assignment dates using Enterprise Territory Management. 

Revenue Intelligence
The Account Discovery feature is a new Revenue Intelligence tool that provides dashboards and Einstein Discovery models for users to navigate. Account Discovery helps you to discern which of your accounts has promising growth potential and which ones require extra attention. 

Enablement for Sales Teams
Stay in the know of how your sales teams can benefit from these new features with more customizable sales resources like the Einstein Conversation Insights. This amazing tool can verify whether or not the programs implemented by your organization are actually having an effect on how sales reps talk to and interact with customers. Another added benefit is that your Enablement team gets a host of new and updated features to build programs quickly and efficiently with custom parameters according to your business’s unique workflow. Still want more? Not to worry, because there’s a whole lot more sales-related awesomeness where that came from. Unfortunately, there’s not enough space or time in the day to fit all of the incredible Spring ‘23 updates into one blog. However, for those of you who simply must know, click on this link to get the full picture of all that is the Salesforce Spring ‘23 release.

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This post was written by Trenton Lively, Jr. Copywriter for Bitwise Industries. When he’s not writing, he spends entirely too much time analyzing the flavor profile of Flaming Hot Cheetos.

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