Can Salesforce Simplify Higher Education?

And What Happens If You’re Not Onboard?

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, there are 3,982 degree-granting postsecondary institutions in the United States. Each one of these schools is vying for the limited number of students who enroll each year by providing an exceptional educational experience that allows each student to fulfill their goals and aspirations. Additionally, a person holding a bachelor’s degree earns an average of $32,000 more annually than someone with only a high school diploma. However, college enrollment has been in an average annual decline of 1.67% since 2010. 

So with a lot of competition, high expectations, and fewer students, what can school administrators and academic staff do to maintain, sustain, and grow their enrollment? Fresno Pacific University figured it out early. The answer: create a strong technology backbone to reinforce critical infrastructure systems or allow the decline to continue.

Fresno Pacific University is Leading the Way

Fresno Pacific University (FPU) is a comprehensive Christian institution with five campuses, a Seminary, and online programs located throughout the San Joaquin Valley of California. Since their humble beginnings with 28 students in 1944, FPU has been forward focused on “broadening the base” to expand their facilities, enlarge their curriculum, and develop the strategies to grow their enrollment year over year with a quality student experience. Their efforts have paid off with national recognition and significant awards

A big part of their plan included introducing industry leading technology to incorporate automation on all of their campuses. Over the years, FPU has done just that for their staff, faculty, and student body with their early adoption of Salesforce Classic. As a technology trailblazer in the business of education, FPU understood that each year their incoming student body would become more tech fluent and they expected high-end digital platforms that were easy to navigate and simple to use.

Where’s the “But?”

But like all technology, it can become outdated at some point; or, at least, too cumbersome to continue using productively each day in that format. After 10 years of use, Salesforce Classic became that for FPU and they needed help to transition their whole Salesforce ecosystem to the newer Lightning Experience. When Salesforce introduced Lightning, the advantages were obvious: new workspace layout, activity timeline, and homepage features that provided quick advantages. FPU realized it was time for that changeover. 

The university approached Bitwise Technology Consulting—an industry expert—to architect the rebuild needed to keep them at the forefront of the technology vision they continually pursued. After some in-depth consultation with the school’s Head of IT and dedicated in-house Salesforce Admin, Bitwise proposed a time and materials option to work through this project in the most cost-effective manner possible.

A Lasting Impact

Fresno Pacific University is a large, complex organization that is comfortable with pushing the norm beyond what’s expected. (Kinda like Bitwise.) There was a mutual understanding on how complex this technological transition was going to be, but the plan that Bitwise developed considered the pain points at every level to help staff and students incrementally adopt this new version. The rollout to merge these two worlds began with the school’s two most time-sensitive needs: recruitment and tutoring. 

This starting point was critical for obvious reasons: constant student interactions happened every day within those arenas. The school needed the added features of Lightning to better track the recruitment potential surrounding new student leads and furthering existing students’ ability to see and schedule time with tutors to keep their studies on track. 

User acceptance would take time. Bitwise understood that issue and created a system where users could switch back and forth between the Classic and Lightning interfaces to ease any stakeholder apprehension to this upgraded change. However, this modernized update brought champions onboard quickly as the Lightning conversion successfully moved FPU into the future with a new intuitive visualization for the user interface and a dynamic automation solution that received only praise to date from faculty, staff, and students. 

Let Us Help

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This post was written by Jeff Rickels, Technical Writer for Bitwise Industries. Right about now he’s streaming some random crime documentary to fulfill his latent Sherlocking tendencies and need to deduct the ending of the show before it arrives. If you’re wondering, it wasn’t the butler.