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May 19, 2022

Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release

The Top 10 List

There are a few things in life that have greatly improved the human race forever. Like the wheel, sliced bread, and Salesforce. For those of you in the know, the Salesforce ‘22 Summer Release Notes are jam packed with goodness. From Marketing to Mobile, Einstein to Hyperforce, Salesforce delivered on a stellar list of enhancements and new features. We cherry-picked our Top 10 (with a few honorable mentions to boot), and encourage all to review the full list of Release Notes to uncover what you need to let your users know what to expect between now and June 12th. Our Bitwise Industries’ experts have poured over the full list and are looking forward to putting these new assets into gear. The list below features a few highlights from the ‘22 Release Notes. In no particular order. 

Custom Address Field

Finally! Just like the Standard Address Field, users can create a Custom Address Field (currently in Beta) on objects like Account and Contact. However, the Custom Address Field requires the State and Country picklist enabled before using that feature.

Reports & Dashboards

With a new and improved Classic functionality, Report and Dashboards saw major improvements with this Release. You can: 


Picklists got multiple time-saving features that will go a long way to help users and applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classics in all editions.

Bulk Manage Picklist Values (Beta)

Increased productivity with new feature that allows the ability to delete, activate, deactivate, or replace multiple custom picklist field values at once. 

Clean Up Inactive Picklist Values (Beta)

This bulk delete tool allows users to remove inactive picklist values in custom picklist fields.

Custom Picklist Fields with Inactive Values

Now users can receive an email that pinpoints which custom picklist fields have reached 4,000 inactive values and are ready for a bulk delete.

Learn Which Picklist Values are Duplicates

When adding new picklist values, you can get a descriptive message that details which picklist values are duplicates.


Einstein was shown some love in the Summer Release, and these two new additions are worthy of some extra sugar.

Einstein Readiness Assessor

The Readiness Assessor gives organizations clarity and the opportunity for better course corrections with this accurate forecast of their ROI for Einstein Lead Scoring. 

Einstein Prediction Builder with Guided Setup

This new guided workflow walks users through the process of building AI-powered predictions. (NOTE: Available to admins with CRM Analytics Plus, Einstein Predictions, EinsteinBuilderFree, or Platform Plus licenses.)

Customize and Filter Lists in Lightning App Builder

Dynamic Related Lists give users the opportunity to create customized lists directly from the Lightning App Builder. These custom related lists can be filtered to display when a prescribed criteria is triggered. You can configure which fields to display, in what order, select the number of records to display, and select which actions will be made available.

Salesforce Scheduler

The Salesforce Scheduler showcases numerous upgrades that are long overdue. Users have the ability to view shift schedules, vacations, and absences in a calendar format; create and send appointment invitation URLs; and automatically share appointments with assigned services resources.

Product Name Update

Okay, this entry is more “sign of the times” than an actual feature. But the renaming of products provides added clarity and relevance to the users. Here’s a list of those changes:


Once Salesforce completed the acquisition of Slack, we all knew that this union would provide good things. In less than a year, a lot has happened. From the ability to “swarm” on a case to CRM Analytics, the Salesforce Digital HQ app to the Service Slack app, productivity and connectivity are on the rise. Get the full breakdown of the Slack Release Notes here.

Enable Person Accounts … without Contacting Salesforce

This one feels like a game changer. With the help of a guided setup, Salesforce is handing the reins over to the users to add Person Accounts independently. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Person Accounts can not be disabled. Choose wisely.

Salesforce Feedback Management

The final installment on this list was a major upgrade on the Summer ‘22 list. The Salesforce Feedback Management includes a myriad of helpful features:

  • Create short, effective surveys with matrix questions
  • Promote your organization’s logo on surveys
  • Customize your survey’s “Thank You” page
  • Include company-related web pages on the Thank You page.

Honorable Mentions

These three new features highlight the strength of Salesforce and the digital transformation they are pursuing through the Customer 360 platform. Each one provides a unique way to engage with customers in a more effective manner. They include:

Swarming: which allows Salesforce customers to resolve cases faster using real-time support.

Subscription Management: to help customers manage and monetize recurring subscriptions through Sales Cloud automation.

Triggered Campaign Messages: to help users personalize the customer experience through re-engagement tactics based on a prescribed trigger event.
See all three of these new features in action here.


As the leading CRM in the world, Salesforce has a lot to offer. The Summer ‘22 Release Notes are almost as exciting as our anticipation of getting in the meatloaf and making it amazing for all of the people we serve behind the scenes. With more than 500 pages to review in the full Salesforce release, we hope our list was a fun read (and a bit helpful).

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