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December 9, 2021

Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release Top 10 Features – Part II

Previewed and Practiced

Holiday cheers all around because the Winter ‘22 Release update arrived over a month ago (check out our preview of the release notes here) and our busy Salesforce elves have had a chance to get hands-on experience using these cool, new features to give a full report on which ones made our “nice” list.

Here’s a few of our favorite features that help improve the user experience (and will certainly help improve yours)!

1. Salesforce Surveys

Engagement with your audience and users is integral when it comes to feedback. Salesforce Surveys enables users to make better decisions on what actions to take when collecting survey results and analytics. By adding more to data maps and new invitation abilities from Digital Engagement channels, you’ll be ready to generate responses in no time!

Also, Salesforce released their help documentation for this specific portion of the release, you can check it out here: Salesforce Surveys.

2. Dynamic Gauge Charts

Who doesn’t love gauging sales relative to your overall business? (Especially during holiday seasons!) With the expansion that came with Dynamic Gauge Charts, you have more control over the chart’s indication and measure with its target or maximum value. 
How-to Tip: Start by enabling Dynamic Gauge Charts. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Reports and Dashboards, and then select Reports and Dashboards Settings. Select Enable Dashboard Dynamic Gauge Charts (Lightning Experience only), and save your changes. Next, make sure that your source report is set up for the data that you want to chart. Now, pop over to the dashboard builder for your new or existing dashboard and add the gauge chart component.

3. Dynamic Interactions

Thanks to the new, updated version of Dynamic Interactions*,you can interact with Salesforce pages even more. On the app page, users will find the ability to update multiple components—and based on the user’s interactions with these components, they will be set to trigger on the Lightning page. 

One example interaction that’s been added is Show Cases. When this button is selected, a list view is updated to show Cases instead of Accounts.

*Note that Dynamic Interactions is still being piloted and is not yet generally available. Moreover, they are only supported on app pages.

4. Inline Editing on Reports

Inline Editing is no longer in beta! Users are now able to update picklist, date, and lookup fields in a report. This new feature will greatly improve and streamline users’ workflows.

5. Flows

A world full of new configurations just landed for Lightning Flow Builder, expanding our automation abilities beyond workflow rules and approval processes. 

Additionally, these updates came along with it:

  • Flow Orchestrator 
  • Roll back records with pending record changes
  • Relabel navigation buttons (beta version)
  • New Flow Action – Outbound Message

6. Flow Orchestrator

Flow Orchestrator allows the power to automate those complex processes without writing any code! Users are able to orchestrate multi-user processes, increase productivity, and identify bottlenecks and opportunities with Flow Orchestrator.

7. New Flow Action – Outbound Message

Outbound Messages are now available as a core action for the record-triggering Flow Builder that runs after the record is saved! This change applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

To use, drag an action element onto the canvas.

8. Language and Locale Settings

Users can expect new formatting changes for Locale Names and Settings, as well as expanding the supported languages available in Salesforce. This change applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all versions of the Salesforce app in all editions, except For more information on the languages that Salesforce supports, see Supported Languages in Salesforce Help. Note: For both JDK and ICU formats, the currency for the Yoruba (Benin) locale changed from CFA to FCFA.

9. Org-specific Metrics For Lighting Pages

With the ‘22 Release, Lightning page performance is allowing admins to improve the speed of their org. You can view org-specific metrics including your users’ network latency, browser speed, and number of cores; giving greater visibility into the actual load speeds.

10. Email Template Builder Updates

New updates for the Email Template Builder allows admins or users to create striking emails to send to clients. Now you have the ability to do the following: 

  • Add rows and columns to your email templates
  • Add indentations to emails templates
  • Add column Padding
  • Send list emails through external servers like Gmail and Office 365

Which Feature Made Your “Nice” List?

We’re super excited to dig into these newer features to see how they really improve our user experience in the long run. (We’re already benefiting from the updated Salesforce Surveys feature.) We anticipate your users and admins will benefit from these as well! To see a full list of the updated features, click here.

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