January 27, 2021

Client Spotlight: Take Care

Clients for Good

For this week’s Client Spotlight, we’re putting the focus on Take Care, a platform built to help deliver groceries to families in need all over the Central Valley during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and community orders to shelter in place. 

We always talk about how much we love our clients and well, this one is no different. You’re probably tired of hearing this from us, but our company is about humans, so when we realized that families in need and immunocompromised weren’t able to access necessities, Shift3 was tapped to build out an automated platform to streamline the intake process, fulfill community requests, assign drivers and help those that needed it the most. Here’s how Take Care came to be.

The Need to Take Care of the Community

When Bitwise Industries Co-CEOs, Jake Soberal and Irma Olguin Jr., were preparing Bitwise Industries to shelter in place, they realized how certain groups in their local communities would become vulnerable once unable to leave their homes because they were in those at-risk categories. Channelle Charest, CEO of Take Care, was quickly handed the reins to lead this community-care initiative and she leaned into the request to provide essentials with the firm belief that Take Care was built for this moment and people would come together to do what it takes.

The Project

CEO of Take Care, Channelle Charest initially used a spreadsheet to track grocery orders, drivers and statuses, but the requests for help grew well beyond what the team could have ever imagined. They quickly realized that a simple spreadsheet would not adequately support the complexity of this project—catalog personal details from recipients, coordinate a small army of volunteers, gather itemized groceries, and account for allergies and special requests before dispatching these much needed necessities into the community. People were depending on this to work. It needed to be seamless from the first day. The task was daunting, but doable. A pivot to an automated platform was necessary to intake orders and efficiently deliver supplies to families. 

When Channelle Charest approached Shift3, her needs list for Take Care was extensive, but she knew she had the strongest ally. Immediately, Shift3 deployed certified Salesforce admins into uncovering each step required for someone to ask for, and receive, food and other essential items from Take Care within the three counties of Fresno, Madera and Tulare, all in Central California.

The Solution

Take Care is customer-facing, so a website needed to be built to clearly communicate the process to community members making a request with an integrated backend engine that could then process that request. The Take Care Salesforce Org was born and integrated into the site to receive the requests. The Take Care promise to recipients was a grocery box containing nine meals and any additional essential items that were in stock (e.g. toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels, etc.). With 75 percent of the requests coming in via phone calls, Shift3 stood up a Twilio integration to transcribe and catalog every word from each call. These messages were also processed in the Salesforce Org and a ticket number assigned. Shift3 took all of those data points and plotted them through Salesforce to succinctly create an easy-to-comprehend, automated journey to get people food using this all-in-one digital platform. 

The basic steps in this three-fold process included:

Request Help (recipient provided): Gather recipient’s contact information, family size, allergies, special delivery instructions, etc.

Volunteer Engagement: Recruit and coordinate volunteers for grocery-box assembly, create route maps, distribute boxes to drive teams for predetermined route delivery.

Donate: Collect community donations, beyond Bitwise Industries’s initial $100,000 contribution, and create partnerships to further the reach of the Take Care initiative.

Running the entire process through Salesforce meant these steps would be streamlined and accurate to ensure every detail was considered, accounted for, and maintained for the team’s success and safety. This process was put to the test with 100s of grocery orders being fulfilled each week. Shift3’s Salesforce solution enabled the Take Care teams to continually access this centralized digital hub and ease the burden of hunger put on people in three counties.

The Benefits of Usage

Today, Take Care is available to food pantries and food banks throughout the US to continue providing safe food delivery to at-risk residents during the remainder of the pandemic.The Take Care website and Salesforce org are fully functional and systematically automate the steps from the intake team to dispatch, assembly line to delivery. The easy-to-read custom dashboard within Salesforce clearly shows each step to volunteers and visually communicates where the order is in the process.

The need to feed people is obvious. The scalable marketplace for Take Care is global. There is not a city or town on the planet that is immune to the uncertainty of hunger, especially during times of crisis. During Take Care’s first week, 150 families were fed. By the fourth week, Take Care was coordinating and delivering grocery boxes to more than 600 families. Within the first 30 days, just over 3,000 families in three counties received 18,000 meals. Neighboring municipalities, like the City of Stockton, recognized the life-saving capabilities of the Take Care program and quickly adopted it into their operational DNA. What happens when more cities start to take care of their own communities in this way? People find hope during difficult times. This is more than feeding families, it’s breathing life into communities where life is desperately needed.

Overall Impact on Its Users and Community

Take Care was built on the backs of people who were willing to put themselves out there for the health and safety of strangers. These volunteers were willing to give their all to show a little kindness to a person or family in need. The reward for these folks is delivering another box of groceries to the next person. When they drop off that grocery box, they might not meet the person whose doorstep it belongs to and with social-distancing protocols they might not hear a thank you. But they don’t work for accolades, they work for something bigger. They work to take care of the community they are a part of each day … the place they call home.

How Can We Help You Help Others Through Technology?

There are larger problems to solve than the food delivery program of Take Care. Shift3 is available to research, organize, customize and automate the steps for the next big problem, too. There isn’t a challenge too big for Shift3 to consider. Just like the Take Care volunteers, Shift3 is not in it for the accolades. Shift3 exists to take care of community needs using automation and technology as their solution platform.
If you have ideas that could potentially help others (or think you might) using a technology solution, Shift3 wants to hear about it. We will consult with you to configure and customize a workable solution so you can continue to make great decisions. To schedule a quick chat, click HERE.

This post was written by Celeste A. Barron, Content Development Manager for Shift3 Technologies. When she’s not consuming gallons of hot green tea, you’ll find her shopping online for more, different kinds of hot green tea.