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April 1, 2021

Client Center Stage – Tatstat

We’re super proud of our clients and the projects on which we get to work. Today, we’re going to shine a light on Tatstat, the transformative scheduling app developed for use in the tattoo industry. 

When it comes to the industries we cover, the tattoo industry is just one of many. From government and agriculture to education and real estate, we’ve built software across the spectrum of industries and verticals. We’ve developed web apps, mobile apps, websites, and even large-scale enterprise applications within those industries. For now, we’re going to break down the story behind Tatstat and how this technology helped a tattoo artist double her year-over-year revenue.

What is Tatstat?

The Tatstat app is a professional booking platform and CRM for tattoo artists who want to spend more time putting ink to skin and less time juggling payments and appointments. Having Tatstat is like having a personal assistant who knows the tattoo industry. This web-based mobile app is integrated with Instagram, Venmo, PayPal and Google Calendars to make it beyond simple to promote artists, collect payments, and streamline communications between clients and artists.

When COVID-19 disrupted the nation and world, the team searched for ways they could help the industry continue to work from a distance. That’s when Bitwise Technology Consulting added a video consultation functionality so tattoo artists and potential customers could stay engaged with their clients, begin working on custom art, and save time doing it.

Tatstat isn’t just for the artist. Tatstat makes the whole process feel welcoming for even the most nervous novices. It makes it easy to find the right artist, upload their images, articulate their vision, get a quote, book time and get into the studio.

The Problem

The old-school way of running a tattoo studio is incredibly analog, which involves a lot of upfront back-and-forth. The artist might talk with a walk-in about a piece, take a deposit, make an appointment and mark it all down in a notebook. 

Sole proprietors must be extra careful about tracking that cash—and not losing that notebook. One challenge for the old-school tattoo shop is time management. Without a pipeline of prospects, artists may rely on walk-in traffic not knowing how their day will be spent, and possibly stay late for customers who don’t materialize.

One of the biggest pitfalls is the “no-call/no-show,” when a client books studio time but fails to appear or even call ahead to cancel. This problem is compounded by not only billable time lost, but also lost prep time and opportunity cost. Non-refundable deposits and appointment reminders guard against the “no-call/no-show,” but without a tool to automate it, these steps often get missed.

Some artists hire a receptionist, but here too is room for overhead and misunderstanding. Another challenge is client management. Some (especially those with tattoos already) may come in knowing exactly what they want. Others, however, require a bit of hand-holding before committing to an artist and going under the ink gun.

Tatstat Co-founders Greg Goforth and Channelle Charest recognized that today’s smartphone technology—along with Bitwise Technology Consulting’s  full-service development capabilities—could put some serious revenue gains in artists’ bottom line. Then COVID-19 happened. A global pandemic would not only prevent artists from tattooing due to social distancing measures, but also suppress demand afterward. Maintaining relationships and cultivating prospects from a comfortable distance has never been more vital.

The Solution

Greg and Channelle met with Bitwise Technology Consulting to discuss the possibilities of a smartphone app—by tattoo artists for tattoo artists—that could collect the details an artist needs, accept payments and book appointments on both iPhone and Android platforms. They wanted artists to be able to share their work so local clients can get a sense of their style, get on their calendar and get in their chair.

Clients can also use Tatstat’s video consultation feature to get face time with their artist and share images without having to come into the studio first. When clients are ready to book, Tatstat accepts deposits via PayPal or Venmo, calculates available time and offers available slots, sends invites and reminders before the big day, and it enables artists to respond with follow-ups.

The easy-to-use UX/UI was designed to emulate the functionality of familiar, mobile, digital products. The dashboard displays inquiries and appointments and it notes confirmations whether a deposit was made. Tatstat is a free app available in Google Play and Apple App Stores. Having a Tatstat account costs the artist nothing until someone books using the app. Only then does Tatstat take a flat $5 fee, and the rest ends up in the artist’s account.

When you’re trying to move quickly, there is nothing like working with a team that can execute because they’re committed to that and that only. Bitwise Technology Consulting embraced this project in a way that made me feel relieved about handing it over and excited about where they would take it. As creators, we put so much of ourselves into our own work. To know they honored that is really special.

Channelle Charest – Tattoo Artist and Tatstat Co-Founder

Overall Impact on Tatstat

Channelle Charest is not just a Cofounder of Tatstat. She’s also among the first of Tatstat artists. When the app launched in 2017, she saw enormous results immediately.

Cash in the door is essential. I was able to make my usual annual income in six months. I literally doubled my business,

says Charest. In the second year, her revenue doubled again.

At the time of writing, Tatstat has roughly 500 subscribing artists with about 25% using the app on a monthly basis to book new clients. Though COVID-19 has posed a major threat, Tatstat video consultation is allowing artists to stay connected with their clients. Tatstat is seeing traction outside California, including heavily tattooed populations on the East Coast, in Arizona, and in Utah. As the world transitions into a post-COVID reality, Tatstat is making it a snap for tattoo artists and their clients to create a more expressive world. Click here to learn more about Tatstat.

Imagine Doubling Your Revenue Fast

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This blog post was written by Celeste A. Barron, Content Development Manager for Bitwise Industries. You can find her re-watching episodes of Golden Girls while wishing for cheesecake.

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