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March 11, 2021

Developing Software to Build Lives and Cities

Shift3 Technologies is Now Bitwise Technology Consulting

If you’re familiar with our dev shop, you’ve known us as Shift3 Technologies—a custom software powerhouse when it comes to development, dynamic website design, and Salesforce Implementation and Management. In case you missed it, Shift3 Technologies has been rebranded as Bitwise Technology Consulting. 

Though you’ve known us for building world-class software, we’re so much more than that. Our Technology Consulting division is an integral part of a larger technology movement. A movement that aims to provide access to opportunities in tech for marginalized communities, provide paid apprenticeships to students to learn tech skills, and build vibrant buildings in underestimated cities to house that work. 
We exist to develop software to help build and lift underserved populations—which then boosts and transforms regional economies. Sure, we build software. But we’re also building the foundations of people’s lives and communities by creating pathways to high-paying, high-growth opportunities in the technology industry. How are we doing that? It starts with Bitwise Workforce.

Removing Barriers to Technology Education

Our Workforce Training program was created with one mission in mind—to remove the barriers to technology training by offering affordable classes to anyone and everyone willing to learn. It didn’t matter how old you were, your background, your education, or job history. And that is still our mantra today. Any person who wants to learn how to code—can affordably. 

If our students want to learn, but don’t have hardware, we find a way to get them hardware. If our students don’t have transportation to get to our courses, we have drivers and buses that can pick them up. When we say we’re removing barriers to technology training, we mean all the barriers. 

The Benefits of Workforce Training

The students who matriculate through our Workforce program learn valuable coding skills, gain a network of peers, garner access to career coaching, and obtain resources that help them reach their goals. 

Our program isn’t a degree program, nor is it bound by 4-year-degree requirements. In the tech industry, portfolios, work ethic, and an aptitude for learning are key ingredients to landing the job our students want. What we teach in our courses is relevant to a future career in technology. Through our apprenticeship program, apprentices get paid to work hands-on alongside senior developers building real-world software for our Technology Consulting division; there, they’re able to learn, grow, and eventually secure a full-time career in the industry. 
We’ve seen that the average annual earnings for our students jumps from $20K to $60K/year. And the makeup of our students are Black, Brown, Native, immigrants, women, LGBTQIA+, Non-Binary, Gender Nonconforming, and Trans individuals. They’re teens, senior citizens, formerly incarcerated, veterans, career changers, and dreamers. We tell our students, as well as our team members, no one belongs here more than you.

Diversity and Inclusion

Many of our Workforce apprentices end up working for Bitwise Technology Consulting, which only adds to the diversity of our staff. Currently, our team members are 50% Black, Brown and Native, 50% LGBTQIA+, women, Non-Binary, Gender Nonconforming, Trans individuals, and 20% first-generation immigrant. Additionally, our corporate culture is molded under the philosophy that our company is about humans. Humans of all makes and models. Colors and creeds. Genders and orientations. Brilliance and fallibility. Our team members are proud to demonstrate to the rest of the technology industry that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords, they’re the path to gender, race, class, disability, and ethnic equity—which leads to a more representative and equal workforce.

Bitwise Technology Consulting

Though our name has changed, our purpose has not. We still want to help business owners become the tech heroes for their companies—and we will continue to create world-class technology solutions for businesses that want to scale quickly. 

Bilingual in both business and technology, we are a Software-as-a-Development shop that combines high-business acumen, deep technical expertise and an innovative operating model that enables us to deliver world-class software nationwide. 

Our consulting leaders have owned and operated their own successful enterprises and fully understand running a business and the complexities that accompany that responsibility. This is why we have helped hundreds of clients successfully deploy our proven mobile and web app strategies to grow their businesses. 

We specialize in building custom mobile and web applications, dynamic websites, and provide short-term or long-term contractors through Staff Augmentation. We also specialize in Salesforce management and implementation. 

We currently have locations in Fresno, Bakersfield, Merced, and Oakland. And our newest location is under construction in Toledo, Ohio.

We’re Ready to Take on Your Next Tech Project

As we begin to look forward to a post-COVID reality, businesses are beginning to reevaluate their technology to make sure it’s still a fit for their business model. If you need to evaluate your technology, schedule a quick chat by clicking HERE.

This post was written by Celeste A. Barron, Content Development Manager for Bitwise Industries. You’ll find her scanning restaurant menus, roadside billboards, and random websites for typos.

If you’re interested in uncovering the tech possibilities available to your organization or want to find more ways to increase your ROI with technology, click this link to schedule some time with one of our experts.