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December 23, 2021

Our Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2021

The Greatest Hits

As we turn the final page of 2021, we want to take a look at a few of our blogs that received some heavy rotation this year. Our list is Salesforce heavy with a side-dish smattering of tech announcements and human feel-good stuff. In case you missed one over the last 365 days, here’s your chance to catch up and complete the set. Set aside some time to thumb through these pieces for the Salesforce insight and a glimpse of the inner workings at Bitwise Industries.

#5 – March 2021 – Developing Software to Build Lives and Cities

Do you remember Shift3 Technologies? It seems like forever ago since we rebranded our custom software division to Bitwise Industries Technology Consulting. This article highlights the capabilities of our custom software division and all it has to offer the world. But the heart of this blog centers around the movement Bitwise is leading to boost economies in underserved communities and remove the barriers for underestimated people through access to education and careers in the tech industry. It truly pulls back the curtain at Bitwise and you can read all about it right here

#4 – July 2021 – A Look Forward for Those Hired During the Pandemic

Pandemic? What pandemic? The challenges of 2020 bleed into ‘21 as we continued to work from home to keep our humans safe. Even though we have had to reimagine how we achieve certain elements of our daily lifecycle as a community-centric tech company, our growth has been astonishing. In spite of the hardships surrounding COVID-19, Bitwise Industries continues to expand in new communities, adding scores of talented individuals along the way. This article details some of those hardships, and looks forward to our return to the office through the eyes of some of our newest additions to the Bitwise family. See what it looks like to sustain 300% growth for two years in a row by clicking this link

#3 – July 2021 – How We Used Salesforce to Collect, Track, and Manage COVID-19 Vaccine Records

COVID-19 brought heartache in many ways for people all over the world. But it presented numerous opportunities for technology to take center stage in news ways to streamline difficult processes to make them manageable and actionable. This article showcases how we leveraged Salesforce to help us collect, track, and manage our employees’ vaccination status in a secure and private way in anticipation of returning to work. This article, written by three of our Salesforce admins, covers the steps they took to overcome obstacles and check the box for each objective of this critical project. Read about it here

#2 – February 2021 – Top 10 Salesforce Spring ‘21 Release Features

Here at Bitwise we think Salesforce is kind of a big deal, and when those new features are released, we get a little giddy. The Spring Release of this year did not disappoint. From the Einstein Conversions to the Interaction Summaries to the Sales Forecast Adjustments that allows access through the mobile app, we launched this Top 10 post to highlight those features we were most excited about diving into last Spring. Click this link to see the list and get some insight from one of our Salesforce admins. 

#1 – February 2021 – A Fast Guide to Quick Actions in Salesforce Lightning

Our #1 most viewed post for 2021 was all Salesforce. This blog featured the need-to-know information required to kickstart your journey into using Quick Actions in Salesforce Lightning. With details that underscore the difference between Object-specific and Global Quick Actions (I won’t spoil it for you here), to the limitations of this tool that you need to be aware of, the expertise shown in this piece should be enough to encourage you to consider incorporating Quick Actions into your daily workflow. Click this link to find out more.

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This post was written by Jeff Rickels, Technical Writer for Bitwise Industries. When he’s not writing, he’s wondering about that time he gained 50 pounds to bulk up for a workout regimen to help him hit his target gains. When he hears the term “the lower 48” it means something totally different now.

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