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January 7, 2021

Our Top 5 Most Popular Custom Development Posts of 2020

Corporate Culture and Custom Development Were the Bees Knees

Back in December we posted our Top 5 Most Popular Salesforce Posts of 2020, so today let’s discuss our most popular custom development-related posts from last year. And I use the terms Custom Development-related loosely here. Why? Because our readers really appreciated our posts on Shift3’s corporate culture and the world’s pivot to working remote. This makes total sense, since this last year was a haze of video calls, pants with elastic waist bands, and overall uncertainty of things to come. A good chunk of our readers also really appreciated our Softwarepedia posts which deconstructed and clearly defined exactly what custom software is and how it works. So let’s dig right in to your most favorite custom software posts for 2020.

#5 Cultivating Corporate Culture, Crusades and Caring

We talk a lot about custom software and Salesforce, so once a month we try to post content that highlights the humans of Shift3 and gives some insight into our corporate culture. In this post we really highlighted why our people love working for this company and what we’re all about—mission and vision. Learn about our company make up, perks, and our sense of purpose to make a positive impact on this world by building world-class software. You may read this and want to join our team! (We’d love to have you.) In case you missed it, check out that post here. 

#4 Remote Hiring in the Time of COVID-19

Last year posed somewhat of a challenge for many businesses that were still experiencing rapid growth despite the pandemic. Thankfully, we were one of those companies that did expand. Because of our growth, we had to pivot our hiring practices to evolve with the new normal of working from home. In this popular post, we break down our entire remote hiring process. We talk about both our pre-pandemic and post-pandemic hiring practices and how we made the adjustment. Check out that post here.

#3 Technology Has Changed the Game for Working Remote

This is a fun post to re-hash because we posted this piece just after our company opted to go remote due to COVID-19. When I use the word “fun,” it’s mostly in jest as spontaneously up and dispersing our team to work from home at the time was a little scary. We were all unsure how it would roll out and we were on edge not knowing how this virus was going to affect our communities and families. And, we were one of the first corporations in our area to go entirely remote so quickly after the news broke that the virus was spreading through the country. In this piece we discussed the considerations for businesses exploring a potential remote business model—and included tools to have in place to help. You can check it out here

#2 What is UX/UI? 

Our second most popular blog post was all about UX/UI or User Experience and User Interface in the custom development world. Both of these design-related elements are integral in building out custom software applications, but many people have never taken a deep dive to know the difference between the two and why they’re both significant. This piece breaks down what UX/UI is and why they’re important in the custom development life cycle. If you didn’t get a chance to read it before, well here you go

#1 Demystifying Custom Software

In our most popular custom development post of 2020 we give a quick breakdown of what custom software is and the features that come along with having custom software built for your product or service. Many times we throw around the terms mobile app or smart website, but really it all falls under the umbrella of custom software because it’s built from the ground up and is typically tailor-made to an organization’s specifications. This post offers some insight into all the reasons you should consider custom software while also bringing you an amazing shoe metaphor. Check out that post here

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We want to make sure we’re offering you the best content to learn and explore the wonderful realm of custom development. If there’s a subject you’d like to see us write about, please let us know! And if any of the above posts sparks a tech idea you’d like to explore for your business, we want to hear from you; maybe we can help! Feel free to schedule a brief chat with this link.

This post was written by Celeste A. Barron, Content Development Manager for Shift3 Technologies. On any given day, you’ll find her on a video call trying to resolve conflict between her cats.

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