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August 27, 2019

The Truth Only Matters When You’re Able ToProovIt™

A Documentation App in the Time of #MeToo

At Shift3, we’ve called ourselves a ‘social impact software company’. Why? Because we’ve helped develop custom business applications (mobile and web) that help our clients create a positive impact in the lives of their users … and the world at large. Today, we’re adding another mobile app to the Shift3 family, with significant social impact implications. (And we couldn’t be prouder.)

Introducing, ToProovIt™ – a mobile app designed to help people thoroughly document instances of harassment, discrimination and retaliation, that could be addressed with an HR department, an administrative hearing or, ultimately, litigation in a court of law. Fully cloud-based, this mobile app also helps users document unlawful workplace situations, work safety issues, domestic matters, car accidents or anything that needs documentation for potential litigation. From photos to cell phone screen captures, the app allows users to upload proof to support their case. Users can even record voice memos to themselves if they don’t have time to document notes.

Document, Document, Document ToProovIt™

Steven and Fotini Alfieris, Co-Founders of ToProovIt™, developed the idea for this app after Steven realized that his mother, while alive, had documented the discriminatory activity she endured during her employment. After 31 years of loyal service, his mother endured the pain and humiliation of age discriminationand it was only discovered after her sudden passing. Steven vowed to help end the silent suffering surrounding discrimination and harassment. ToProovIt™ was developed to empower those who don’t want to stay silent, but who want to document instances of inappropriate treatment effectively. With this new app, anybody with a smartphone could easily document and report instances of workplace harassment.

Anybody can use ToProovIt™ if they feel the need to begin documenting questionable scenarios in the workplace or any place. Unlike most recent anti-harassment-based mobile apps, ToProovIt™ is based on the easy-to-use documentation features. Each upload, whether it be a photo, a screen capture of a text or email, or a personal voice memois time-stamped into the app, so it can be used to support a case with an HR department, an administrative hearing or in a court of law. When the user is ready for the report, a press of the button sends the report to the user so that it can be shared with an attorney or an HR department.

According to a new analysis of Pew Research Center survey data, about four-in-ten working women (42%) in the United States say they have faced discrimination on the job because of their gender. Imagine having a secure digital tool to help document such activity if it were ever to happen to you or someone you know.

No Ads, No Data Mining, No Worries

Though there are more than a few apps springing up surrounding workplace harassment in the age of #metoo, there are features in this app that make it truly unique.

What’s special about ToProovIt™ is that there are no ads; no data mining. The info uploaded stays securely in the cloud until the user chooses to create a report which is sent to the user’s email. They can then share it with their attorney or HR rep. If the user desires, there is a telephone number for the user to contact a qualified attorney licensed in the user’s state. Any persons over the age of thirteen who want to document a precarious situation can use this app. We also wanted the app to be user friendly for people in their 60s or 70s, so they feel comfortable using it too.

– Steven E. Alfieris, CEO and Co-founder of ToProovIt™

Developed in React Native, our software engineers built this app over a six-month period with the utmost security in mind. The easy-to-navigate UX/UI allows users to easily enter in new notes, organize and locate file folders, photos, voice memos and reports. Users can also seamlessly switch from English to Spanish within the app.

Users can download the app for free with a 30-day trial, which allows for one free PDF report. Subscription rates are as follows:

– Basic Plan (6 months) = $5.99, with 3 PDF reports

– Plus Plan (12 months) = $14.99, with 6 PDF reports

– Pro Plan (Lifetime Access) = $49.99, with unlimited reports

Capture the Truth

Learn more about ToProovIt™ by clicking here. For inquiries, email [email protected].

Download the app today from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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