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May 11, 2023

Does User Experience in Educational Technology Matter?

The Future of Your Institution Depends on It

While the world changes quickly around us, there are a few constants: death, taxes, and pursuing some sort of education. Whether it’s public or private, the educational tech landscape is one that requires growth, accessibility, and efficiency. The days of paper report cards and notes pinned on jackets have long passed, and school administrations are looking for ways to modernize severely antiquated workflows to meet the demands for students, teachers, and administrators now. What does that look like, and how is Bitwise Industries making it happen for local school districts and other institutions through the magic of digital product development? Read on for more!

Modernizing the Educational User Experience through Digital Product Development

The year is 1979. Or 2003. Or, if you’re a gen z kid who’s stumbled upon this blog, potentially 2010. Anyway, imagine this: it’s the first day of school and you’ve been sent home with a mound of paperwork that requires your parent to drop everything they’re doing to fill it out; this includes the thick, cardstock emergency card that permanently defines who your emergency contact is, the school lunch billing form that demands sensitive information, and pesky permission slips to the zoo field trip everyone looks forward to all year (if you don’t have it, you will NOT be feeding the giraffes). You may be wondering how in a post-Google Suite world, teachers, administrators, and hiring teams can keep track of all of these stray forms that house potentially sensitive information while also preventing the seemingly inevitable backpack-crumpling effect. 

That’s where Stria, a Bitwise Company, comes in. Where paper fails as a realistic long-term option, digital image conversion ensures that scanned and permanently stored documents are regularly backed up to your system of choice and increases efficiency. No more thumbing through file cabinets to find student files or emergency cards in case of the occasional tummy ache/headache combo. Additionally, these documents are scanned with security in mind: student records, report cards, and medical files can be digitally converted in a FERPA and HIPAA-compliant facility that ensures your sensitive information stays safe. Stria also provides access to Ed Central Software, a FERPA-compliant software that allows school districts to store and manage all digital documents and provides online forms, scanning functions, workflow tools, and document management features necessary to securely manage a school’s worth of files. This means that things like student records, scanned files, and attendance records are now incorporated into an easily searchable, unified platform that makes documentation accessible via a computer or smartphone to the appropriate people on staff. 

And what about the people that teach in our schools? Stria also offers HR Central, a HIPAA-compliant software that integrates with the institution’s Human Resources Information System, enabling administrators to create and manage electronic employee files, eForms, and workflows for active and terminated employees. Stria’s clients include both public and private institutions from CSU Bakersfield to Loma Linda University, Kern County School District to Anaheim Union High School District. 

Keeping Up with User Experience Trends in Educational Technology

So what about after all the permission slips and cardstock emergency cards? For some, what comes next is pursuing higher education at the institution of their choice. This is where post-secondary technology solutions come in. How is Fresno Pacific University (FPU) utilizing Salesforce managed services to create a strong (and necessary) workflow that ensures a user-friendly infrastructure that can stand the test of time and a fast-moving technology sector? FPU is a private Christian institution with five campuses, a seminary, and online programs located throughout California’s Central Valley. Historically, FPU administrators have been focused on moving their technology forward and “broadening the base” to expand their facilities, enlarge their curriculum, and develop strategies to grow enrollment year over year with a quality student experience. 

Introducing leading technology to incorporate automation on all of their campuses started with the early adoption of Salesforce Classic, with the continued commitment to serving an increasingly tech-fluent student population with high-end digital platforms that are intuitive to navigate and simple to use. After performing a diagnostic health check, Bitwise discovered that FPU’s security settings did not meet Salesforce standards, and that the overall health of the institution’s org was at risk in case of the need for critical system updates. 

Life comes at you fast, and that’s why FPU approached Bitwise to architect the rebuild of their Salesforce organization to help them prioritize accessible and intuitive technology that their students and administrators continue to use and love. Working with the school’s Head of IT and their dedicated in-house Salesforce admin, Bitwise proposed a time and materials option to work through the project in the most cost-effective manner possible. Bitwise was able to enhance automations and UI/UX along the way, with a focus on permissions and security, system integrations, performance, functionality, and accessibility. Most importantly, Bitwise provided consultation and education for the FPU staff to ensure their comfortability navigating the upgraded system. This system overhaul has provided a lasting impact that continues to enhance user experience and move FPU into a future that continues to meet the demand of technology adoption for multiple departments.

Improve Your User Experience with Bitwise

Through digital product development, Bitwise is continuing to introduce practical solutions in a growing tech ecosystem that offers efficiency and an overall more-intuitive user experience. Whether you’re an emerging college student, an HR professional aiding in the hiring process of brand new educators, or an administrator looking for ways to make sure IEP’s and transportation plans for students are stored away with the security and searchability that allows for more time to connect with students and parents, Bitwise is leading the way. For more information on digital product development and how digital solutions can help your institution grow and remain relevant, click here to learn more about the future-focused services that Bitwise offers. 

Let Us Optimize Your User Experience 

Bitwise Industries creates technology solutions in Salesforce, DocuSign, and digital product development by leveraging a talented, diverse workforce from underestimated backgrounds to create digital equity worldwide. Bitwise is a catalyst for economic transformation with a proven record of year-over-year growth, positive outcomes, and has been recognized for its work on the global stage.

Bitwise has pioneered a movement in the technology industry through the development of skilled workforce talent and transformative job opportunities in secondary and tertiary markets.

This post was written by Amber Carpenter, Junior Copywriter, at Bitwise Industries. When she’s not writing, she’s powering through another rewatch of The Office and, despite her previous doubts, can confirm that it holds up even in 2023.

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