July 28, 2022

Walking the Walk with Our Technology Services

We Help Clients and Our Own Systems

As a custom development firm, we’ve helped hundreds of enterprise-level clients successfully launch mobile and web applications to help them scale and become more profitable in their industries. Our dedicated team of software developers, engineers, and project managers create customized software solutions to help organizations, companies, and nonprofits achieve their goals. It only makes sense that we utilize that same talent and expertise to improve our own systems. Both our team members and community can take advantage of a variety of our software solutions while visiting our Bitwise Industries campuses. Read on to check out a few examples of how we’ve internally implemented innovative digital tools we’ve built from scratch using our custom development expertise.

Return-to-office Web Application

As Bitwise prepared to begin the transition from remote work to bringing over 300 team members back into our physical offices, certain guidelines were established to make sure all team members stayed safe. Two of these guidelines included limiting employee hours in-office and restricting building capacity to 50% to help with social distancing. Our team needed a solution to make sure each department could follow these guidelines, so our software developers built an internal web application to handle scheduling and tracking office hours for every single employee. 

The RTO (Return-to-office) web application was built using Django and React, integrated with Google for employee login and calendar access, and Mailgun for sending confirmation emails. Developers utilized an open-source module bundler called Webpack to bundle the React code, and place it where Django could easily access it. Optimization made user access fast, simple, and seamless. By using this web application, employees make sure they are following our most complex return-to-office guidelines (building capacity and in-office hour limitations). Instead of managing Google Calendars for every team, filling out an ever-evolving spreadsheet, or even—GASP—a paper schedule, the RTO website keeps every team member up-to-date on whether they’re able to come into the office to work on a certain day.

Cafe Menu/Ordering Mobile Application

There’s nothing worse than visiting your local cafe for a late-afternoon caffeine pick-me-up, and seeing a long line of folks waiting to order and grab their coffees. That’s why so many restaurants have offered an online mobile ordering system to help folks skip the line and order ahead. Our two cafes at the Bitwise Fresno campus, Soundwaves and ContemPlate, both have mobile ordering apps built by our software developers. These easy-to-use apps allow patrons to order, pay, and schedule when to pick up their order at either cafe.

Additionally, our apps also automate a lot of work for our incredible cafe staff. Instead of having to work through a long line of customers and take down orders one-by-one, orders are automatically sent to the cafe’s tablets. Pre-pay options also cut down on valuable time for our baristas, who can now focus on crafting the perfect beverage or sandwich instead of running credit cards or grabbing change.

Our development team created this digital ordering system using three specific applications built with React Native. The first app allows the end user to choose the items they want, customize their order, and checkout/pay. The second app is for the back-of-house cafe employees, and lets them see what the customers have ordered, start on orders, and update order status for customers. The third app is an admin dashboard accessible on the web, where cafe shop managers can modify which items show up on the app, which hours the app will be open, and customize the overall application to suit their needs. These three individual apps are connected with a Python Django backend so all the applications seamlessly work together for one solid mobile ordering app experience. Overall, our cafe mobile apps simplify the ordering, payment, and pick-up process for both staff and customers—making that afternoon honey lavender latte just a little bit more sweet.

Scooter Tracking Web Application

Beep Beep! If you want to get around the Bitwise Fresno campus in style, you’ll definitely want to grab one of the Bitwise Link™ scooters when you’re heading out. Our fleet of rechargeable motorized scooters allow folks to travel from building to building in a sustainable and safe way. But with so many scooters out and about, our team needed a way to track where scooters were, how many were charging in a specific building, and how to find the occasional scooter that “wandered off” somewhere downtown.

Our software development team built an online web application specifically to track and identify where each scooter in our fleet is located. Utilizing Google Maps API and React, software developers created a visualization of each scooters’ path and locations. Regular updates from each scooter’s location is received using telemetry data, and rxjs subscriptions update the locations of the map markers frequently. Our developers designed the user interface to create a beautiful map of downtown Fresno, with up-to-date locations for every scooter in our fleet. Even better, this web application is displayed on smart TVs above the scooter charging stations in each Bitwise Fresno building, so if you head down to grab a scooter and there aren’t any available—you can easily see where the closest one is!

We Benefit and Our Clients Benefit

We’ve built web and mobile apps for industries ranging from education and real estate to nonprofit and agriculture. It’s only fitting that we utilize our own brilliant developers to create digital systems and tools that work for us—so we can help more clients make their own digital transformation. If we can do it for ourselves and hundreds of others, we can definitely do it for your business, no matter your end goals.

Let Us Help

Bitwise Industries specializes in custom software development, Salesforce implementation and administration, and Contact Center-as-a-Service. Our technology professionals have deep experience applying cutting-edge technology solutions to help entities of all sizes navigate the technology landscape to find solutions to optimize their operations.

This post was written by Leah Sadoian, Content Specialist at Bitwise Industries. When Leah isn’t working, she’s usually practicing her Super Smash Bros. Ultimate main (Pikachu) or sipping a beverage and catching the latest Chelsea soccer match at a local bar.