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January 12, 2023

Web-based Applications vs. Mobile Applications

The New Normal

Times have been hard for businesses to stay relevant in the market and efficient in day-to-day operations. Those fortunate enough to have survived the COVID-19 pandemic don’t have time to sit back and assess the damage because there’s always a new set of challenges on the horizon. Like how to stay tech savvy and competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Oftentimes a simple fix to streamline a process, or to get more eyes on your brand or product, is leveraging web-based or mobile applications in innovative ways to precipitate major changes in a positive direction. So where do you start? 

Illustrating the differences between web-based and mobile applications for our clients, and using our expertise to customize a unique application platform, is a critical piece for our clients branding and logistical needs. It’s also the reason why businesses decide to partner with Bitwise Industries and see optimistic returns on their technology investments. 

Understanding Web-based Applications and Mobile Applications

There are pros and cons to using either a web-based app or a mobile app. There’s no right or wrong answer for this one, and admittedly the title is a little misleading.  It really just depends on which version works best to address the specific needs of a business, institution, or brand. As inferred by the name, web-based apps are applications that can only be accessed through a web browser like Safari or Google Chrome, whereas mobile apps are specially designed to be downloaded onto a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, and can only be accessed and approved through a third-party app store.

The main benefit of employing a web-based app is accessibility. Web-based apps don’t need to be installed, can be accessed through multiple browsers, and users can enter the app on their desktops, laptops, or mobile phones without the need to install it beforehand. Another added benefit is the fact that web-based apps update themselves automatically without the need for a technician. However, there can be some front end security disadvantages for both user and host with web-based apps.

On that end, mobile apps tend to be more robust when it comes to the personal security of the user and host. Businesses looking for higher brand exposure should heavily consider opting in favor of a mobile app that can create a personalized experience for the user. Because of beefy data processing tools, user preferences like favorites and screen display can be saved and accessed any time on mobile apps. However, the challenge of mobile apps hinges on specific platforms due to copyright issues. And mobile apps need to be updated regularly by technicians.

A Web-based Love Story

Founded in 1919, Pearson Realty staffs more Accredited Land Consultants than any other real estate brokerage firm in Central California. Renowned for their stability and wealth of knowledge of the local housing market, Pearson was in need of a technological facelift. They were sitting on an abundant amount of data that only their sales team had access to, so in an effort to better serve their existing and future clients, Pearson took a hard look at the technology platforms they employed and decided that the best course of action would be to create a web-based portal showing graphic displays of market trends and data exclusive to Pearson, which no other brokerage firm in the area had access to. Pearson wanted to equip their sales team with the best information and tools to better serve their clients.

After evaluating several different service offerings nationwide, Pearson decided to partner with Bitwise. In the words of President and Chief Executive Officer at Pearson Realty John Stewart, “We selected Bitwise Industries Technology Services based on their diligent review of our requirements, their deep talent pool of project managers and developers, and their experience in delivering both enterprise software and websites.”

The property portal that Bitwise developed for Pearson is a great example of a web-based app and how it was the right tool for their specific needs. Now the sales team at Pearson can hit the ground running equipped with the latest data and relevant information, and Pearson clients have access to the best informed real estate professionals in the region. The newly designed website also provides a user-friendly and easily navigable experience for Pearson’s current and prospective clients.

A World Without Trolls

“It was a smooth process from idea to paper, pitch deck to prototype, and from beta to final product ready for market. I felt like Bitwise believed in it as much as me.”

Vincent Mays Jr. – Founder and CEO of Kolyde 

Founded in 2018, Kolyde is a mobile app designed to inject a level of fun and sportiness to the art of debating on social media. Meaningful, respectful, and courteous debate are in short supply online Kolyde (pronounced “collide”) introduces a new platform for civil discourse, allowing advocates to compete in the marketplace of ideas without fear of being relentlessly trolled.

The initial problem for Kolyde resided in the social media landscape in and of itself due to the normalization of “trolling.” Trolling is when an anonymous online user who disagrees with the opinions of a poster, vehemently and relentlessly attacks them in a toxic manner that discourages any kind of meaningful discourse or interaction from the more sensible users in the online community. 

With the help of Bitwise Industries, the solution was to create a self-policing mobile app for healthy discourse and debate geared toward college students. Finding the right format and parameters that would encourage thoughtful users to participate was not an easy task to pull off, but Bitwise and Kolyde were able to figure it out and get the job done, and the app is now free to download from Apple and Google Play stores. Kolyde CEO Vincent Mays Jr. envisions a revenue model

similar to Facebook and Instagram that allows for advertising revenue and its more popular users to become influencers in their own right, building their brand and extending their reach.

Feedback for the Kolyde app has been positive, and the societal and individual benefits from such a platform are trending in the right direction. Kolyde users have reported more satisfying interactions, greater accountability for its users, and an impactful reward potential due to the diligently planned out application parameters which were installed. It’s a win for Kolyde, a win for Bitwise, and a win for sensible internet users around the world. Another great example of how Bitwise’s expertise in mobile app development could potentially be a win for your business, too.

About Bitwise Industries

Bitwise Industries builds tech economies in underestimated cities, driving digital transformation through its Salesforce, DocuSign, and custom SaaS solutions. Developing innovative tech solutions, and training individuals living in underserved communities with in-demand tech skills to improve their standard of living is our mission. Centering our efforts in the heart of the downtowns of these overlooked cities, Bitwise is creating a place for the technology industry to take root and ignite local economies.

This post was written by Trenton Lively, Jr. Copywriter for Bitwise Industries. When he’s not writing, he’s wondering if the Silver Surfer was ever frustrated with eternally being in second place.

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