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June 9, 2022

What Exactly Are Bitwise Industries Technology Services?

And Why They Matter

Connection. It’s one of our greatest human needs. We are wired for connection to one another at our most basic level. It stems from a pressing desire to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships because our personal connections help maintain one’s sense of self, health, and wellbeing. For the same reasons, connection is equally important for any enterprise or organization. From customers to constituents, nonprofits to new hires, thriving businesses invest in forward-thinking ways to engage with the people they serve, interact with, and sell goods to each year. 

Bitwise Industries Technology Services shine a light on the most proactive tools available in technology to nurture those connections to help you build on your goals year-over-year. We hire only the best in the field so you can benefit from our dedication to building world-class technology solutions. 

Read on to see how we use that expertise in Bitwise’s three technology pillars–Custom Development, Salesforce Administration and Implementation, and Contact Center-as-a-Service–to develop those positive connections.

Custom Development

Mobile apps and websites are no longer information repositories. Today they are living, breathing engagement opportunities that provide an experience for your clients that moves them to action, extends their brand loyalty, or encourages them to spend more time and money to support your enterprise. Bitwise Industries leverages the following three technologies to do just that.

  • Mobile Apps
    • Having a custom application that is tailored to your business, future-proofed, and relevant to your client base is essential in this digital age. Our apps are developed to be fully integrated into your business model, reinforced with smart automation, and streamlined to maximize daily workflows while increasing ROI. Read this case study to see how we helped this social services initiative. 
  • Smart Websites
    • Just like apps, a custom website can be the catalyst for revenue growth and exponentially improved client engagement. This is done through an immersive discovery process that provides access to modernized technology remedies that eliminate identified inefficiencies or pain points at any level. This forward-thinking process allows our clients to capture value and improve business outcomes. Read this case study to see how we helped this real estate startup. 
  • Staff Augmentation
    • Hiring the leading experts for every department in your enterprise can be tedious and expensive. It’s more effective to bring the experts to you–onsite or remotely–and leverage their expertise with your staff, processes, and technology. Reduce the risk and complexity of keeping salaried staff occupied, and instead contract those same resources on an as-needed basis. Read this case study to see how we helped this human resource organization.

Salesforce Implementation & Administration

Salesforce—a cloud-based enterprise software for customer relationship management (CRM)–is one of the most powerful platforms on the planet. It can be used for anything from simple contact management to completely automated interactive engagement tools for organizations and their users.

To maximize the business potential of this CRM, orgs must plan and prepare with their Salesforce consulting partner to implement the solutions that include automation, digital commerce, community management, customer service and support, and marketing. It’s important to have an expert in your corner who knows the ropes. (And we’re the expert.)

  • Implementation 
    • Bitwise Industries implementation services allow first-time or long-time Salesforce users to successfully design, build, and deploy Salesforce solutions that streamline challenging business processes for admins and executives. Leverage our expertise with your team’s internal site knowledge to future-proof scalability and upgrade needs as your annual goals are met and exceeded. Read this case study to see how we helped this state-wide education initiative.
  • Managed Services
    • Bitwise Industries managed services gives business owners and executives the freedom to focus on business goals while we focus on your Salesforce instance. Along with integrating annual Salesforce updates, our certified admins, strategists, and developers will oversee, configure, and maintain your Salesforce system in an on-demand capacity. For short-term to long-term agreements, let Bitwise handle the operational org management of your Salesforce journey. Read this case study to see how we helped this Social Services initiative.

Contact Center-as-a-Service

Bitwise Industries offers professional Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) support that enables organizations to manage their customer interactions through any channel of communication—voice, web, chat, SMS, or video. This omnichannel interaction is a company’s lifeline to customers, and it needs to be treated as if the customer was in person sitting directly across the table. The customer experience is critical at every stage, and their perception of your brand hinges on the outcome of this transaction.

Bitwise Industries understands the significance of excellent customer experience for our clients. That is why we tailor all of our CCaaS offerings with a holistic approach that is personalized to your business and your customers.

  • Managed Services
    • Bitwise Industries’ vast range of expertise provides you with a single source for customizable managed services. We offer an end-to-end, outcome-driven model of operational support to automate any process that wastes time, damages the bottom line, or degrades the customer or employee experience. From sales and data management to transcription services, analytics to social media, we can provide you with the insight, analysis, and strategies to reinforce all of your customer engagement programs. 
  • Professional Services
    • Based on what you need at the moment, Bitwise Industries deploys cost-effective solutions with a predictable cost that minimizes downtime and drives defined business outcomes at scale. You get fully trained, onsite or offsite staff with awareness and sensitivities to your customers’ specific needs or localized content and communication. Use our staff augmentation, training programs, and expertise to source the brand ambassadors who provide the most sensible and empathic solutions to your customers. Our high-level leadership team can step in to train your existing employees to heavily leverage technology influenced by our prescribed automation and capabilities in back office BPO. Read this case study to see how we helped this state-wide education initiative.

A Bit More About Bitwise Industries

We are so much bigger than just builders of custom software, websites, and mobile technology. Our Technology Services division is an integral part of a larger technology movement. A movement that aims to provide access to opportunities in tech for marginalized communities, provide paid apprenticeships to students to learn tech skills, and build vibrant buildings in underestimated cities to house that work.

We exist to develop software to help build and lift underserved populations—which then boosts and transforms regional economies. Sure, we build software. But we’re also building the foundations of people’s lives and communities by creating pathways to high-paying, high-growth opportunities in the technology industry. And that is why all of our services matter.

Let Us Help

Bitwise Industries specializes in custom software development, Salesforce implementation and administration, and Contact Center-as-a-Service. Our technology professionals have deep experience applying cutting-edge technology solutions to help entities of all sizes navigate the technology landscape to find solutions to optimize their operations.

This post was written by Jeff Rickels, Technical Writer for Bitwise Industries. When he’s not writing, he’s geeking out over octopus traps and Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy because this broken-heart syndrome proves that love is real (and sometimes very painful).

If you’re interested in uncovering the tech possibilities available to your organization or want to find more ways to increase your ROI with technology, click this link to schedule some time with one of our experts.