Charitable Giving
Giving from the heart, creating large-felt impact

Bitwise Industries is proud to offer a Charitable Giving Program to all full-time employees.  Through this program, each team member is allotted $1,000 each year to donate to a charitable or community organization representing issues close to their heart.
To date, our team has donated to organizations as far as the forests of Nepal and as close as their neighborhood Hackerspace.
Here are a few of the places who’ve received funds from the Bitwise Charitable Giving Program.

$343,000 +

Given by Bitwise employees to date


  • Carley Feil
  • Sal Lucatero
  • Landon Brokaw
  • Greg Goforth
  • Channelle Charest
  • JP Prendergast
  • Jake Soberal
  • Terry Solis
  • Alex Gutierrez
  • Beth Mily
  • Talisha Brantley
  • Miguel Alarcon
  • Irma Olguin Jr