Diverse Talent Program

Bitwise Industries' Diverse Talent Program (DTP) partners with technology organizations to engate diverse, cost-efficient tech talent using our unique and proven apprenticeship model.

How It Works

  • DTP works with partners to understand their company's diversity, technical and cultural goals then assembles a group of 8-12 developers from our network into a "Cohort" led by a senior level developer.

  • Each Cohort is deployed to execute on projects identified by the partner, under the guidance of DTP's senior developer and in constant collaboration with the partner.

  • Throughout the six month Cohort program, partners have the opportunity to formally and informally evaluate Cohort members as prospective hires.

  • At, or before, the conclusion of each Cohort, partners have the opportunity to hire members of their Cohort.

  • Download the FAQs here

  • Melissa

    "Being part of a Cohort has been such a fun and hardworking learning experience. The Cohort definitely prepared me for my professional career. The combination of interesting and challenging work, amazing staff and teammates has had such a great impact on my life and I am forever grateful for this opportunity!"

    - Melissa Varela, Cohort Sponsored by Salesforce

  • Vincent

    "The Cohort has greatly benefited my personal growth. Working alongside diverse people from different backgrounds and upbringings to share ideas and genuinely help each other grow has been amazing!"

    - Vincent Mays, Cohort Sponsored by Google


Since launching its Diverse Talent Program in 2015, Bitwise Industries has had the privilege of partnering with a broad set of outstanding industry leaders. Below is a representative list.

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  • Carley Feil
  • Sal Lucatero
  • Landon Brokaw
  • Greg Goforth
  • Channelle Charest
  • JP Prendergast
  • Jake Soberal
  • Terry Solis
  • Alex Gutierrez
  • Beth Mily
  • Talisha Brantley
  • Miguel Alarcon
  • Irma Olguin Jr