The Case for Optimism: Irma Olguin Jr. @ TED // Virtual Watch Party

Watch Bitwise Industries Co-CEO and Co-founder’s TED Talk about removing barriers to tech to lift lives and underestimated cities.

About this event

Back in August, Bitwise Industries’ very own Co-CEO and Co-founder Irma Olguin Jr. was a featured speaker at TEDMonterey: The Case for Optimism. This TED program also included various celebrities, technologists, and entrepreneurs speaking to the topic of Urban Possibility.

Join us for this live virtual event to learn how Bitwise Industries invests and leverages talent from underrepresented communities to elevate entire cities, support livelihoods, and create a more inclusive world.

Our live watch party will feature an introduction from Irma Olguin Jr. herself and her TEDMonterey segment in its entirety. Watch as she discusses what’s really stopping people from breaking into the technology industry and listen to her proposed plan to remove those barriers to enable true access to training, experience, and technology jobs through Bitwise’s Apprenticeship program. Her TEDMonterey talk gets to the heart of Bitwise Industries’ mission to elevate tech economies in underestimated cities. Reserve your seat today.