Bitwise Industries

How does a city like Fresno, CA develop a powerhouse tech economy? How does a place once siloed as just another rural agricultural town successfully diversify its economy and become a hub for technology careers, businesses, and digital infrastructure? How does a city like Fresno become more inclusive? Can this model work in other places?

Read our white paper to find out how Bitwise Industries, a female and minority-led technology company founded in Fresno, has used a three-pronged approach to connect underestimated people from undervalued places with great jobs in the tech industry or click HERE to view a recording of our White Paper panel where Bitwise Industries Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Jake Soberal, and VP of Bitwise Fresno, Thilani Grubel discuss the data with local Fresno-elected officials.

We believe in the untapped potential of typically overlooked humans, so we teach them to code, pay them to get real-world experience, build vibrant spaces to house their growth, and rebuild lives and economies in underestimated cities through technology.

If you would like to learn more, or simply want to ask Bitwise Industries any questions, please contact our External Affairs team at [email protected]