Bitwise 1701

Glass garage doors usher visitors into 1701 18th Street, which features a two-story coworking space, multiple private office suites, conference rooms and reservable classrooms. This building includes a taproom on the first floor open to the general public and tenants.

1701 18th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301


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Bitwise Cowork

Cowork in a vibrant space surrounded by professionals. Our innovative, high-tech spaces are not only stunning, they can comfortably accommodate individuals and teams of all sizes. Flexible memberships available. 24/7 access.

Reservable Conference Rooms

Every one of our conference rooms are equipped with smart TVs, conference phones, and white boards—all the tools you need to get that project complete. Available for use by tenants or rent for visitors!

Tenant Lounge

With a full kitchen and comfy seating, 1701’s tenant lounge is the perfect place to take a break from work. Whether you’re just stopping by to heat up lunch, or hanging out with your team, this is the perfect spot to relax!

High-Speed Internet

No matter where you’re located in our building, you’ll be able to access high-speed internet for your video calls, phone calls or internet surfing needs.

Reservable Classrooms

Available for rent or use by tenants, our high-tech classrooms are equipped with presentation equipment, white boards galore and varying sizes for all your educational needs.

Private Office Suites

For professionals who want to be surrounded by vibrant, innovative office space, lease a private office suite. We have spaces for businesses of all sizes.


After a long day of work, come share a beer on tap in our Taproom! Invite your friends or your coworkers for some snacks or a brewsky!